Monday, March 16, 2009

I have such cute girls

Bekah got her hair cut! He long tangled curls are now just a cute, very short bob. Since she won't leave any clips or hair ties in it- cutting it was the best option till she gets a little older. She alternates on whether or not she likes it, depending on her mood. She did ask to get it cut short like Brad and sams, good thing she didn't have the final say!
Hannah gave her very first talk in primary this week. She showed our family picture and talked about family responsibilities. When it was her turn she did it all by herself, refusing to let anyone help her read the talk we had written together before church. She did a great job- it just would have been helpful if our microphone worked so we could hear her better over all the kids. (I am not sure how many kids are in junior primary, but i know total there are more than 230- with the majority of them being younger- 33 just in the ctr-5 age group that we help teach).

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