Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend was supposed to be pretty boring. I was just doing some yard work, chase was playing computer games and kids were supposed to be cleaning the playroom. So after i finished in the yard I ran to taco bell for some lunch. On the way back I got in a car crash! now my weekend was not so boring any more. I prefered the boring weekend much more. I couldn't slow down fast enough when the car in front of me braked, so i hit them. And then the car behind me (who was going a bit faster than the restof us and left pretty long skid marks) crunched into the back of my car. The older couple that i hit was super nice, but the lady behind me was really grouchy and couldn't speak fluent english and couldn't write it at all. She couldn't even tell which car she hit- that's how much she was paying attention to the traffic. Everyone is fine, (the kids stayed at home for this trip). I got to sit at the side of the road for about 2 hours after it happened, enjoying the company of 2 sheriff cars from pinal county, 2 from maricopa county, a fire truck and an ambulance (again- nobody was even hurt). The car i hit just got damage a little bit, the front of my car is pretty banged up- I can't open the front doors very easily, and i think the radiator is cracked and there is green liquid leaking out. but we were both able to drive our cars home, although without knowing the extent of the damage I am not driving it anywhere else till it is fixed. The back of my car had a plastic piece jump off of the bumper and is scratched a bit- but i don't think it's any thing serious- the car that hit me was a smaller sedan and it got crunched up enough that they had it towed away. So that is our fun for the weekend- now we just need to figure out with the insurance company what is the next step of getting it fixed. I got a bit sunburned, and i am now a little sore through my neck and shoulders. But I am very gratefull that it wasn't anything more serious. Some people were asking me how bad it is- these are the pictures, but we won't really know how much damage there is till we take it in to be fixed.

Brad says we just have a monster truck car now.


Reynolds Family said...

Scary! I'm so glad everyone is okay!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your car got hurt, but I'm so glad you were not hurt! Love ya!!

Ryan & Amy said...

Yikes! That makes me want to be more careful when I drive. Aside form the hours you spent in the hot sun and the slightly smashed car, it doesn't sound bad. j/k Glad you weren't hurt!