Friday, March 13, 2009

More Pictures

My kids are always excited to see themselves on the computer, especially Hannah since she realizes that others can look at the pictures and see how cute they all are. So- at their request I am adding some more today.
Hannah got out of school early today, getting an early start for spring break. Even though she is smiling- she is not happy at all about 2 weeks without school or seeing her friends.

Brad's scar is still there on his head- but it has faded a lot in the 2 years since it was this:

Bekah loves Rocket. Santa brought it to Brad for christmas this year- but it was by far the best present given this year, everybody want their turn with it. Even cousin Londyn claims it as hers whenever she is over to play.

Sam just finished his lunch and is feeling extremely satisfied! He had peas for the first time and loved them- finishing off the whole 4 ounce jar. And then for dessert he at another whole jar of bananas. At 8 months their is less than a 9 pound difference between him and Bekah. No wonder when he eats about the same amount for breakfast and diner too.


Anonymous said...

Such cute kids, and I'm not even biased.

I will always remember when Brad first saw his stitches and thought that he had a spider on him. That would have freaked me out too.

Grandma T

Ryan & Amy Stewart said...

What have you been feeding them? Your kids are huge! I can't believe how fast they have grown. Especially Hannah! She looks like a little lady. That's great about the SRP Pinal Co. location & the gas saving. Saving $ is always good. We are almost ready to view houses, probobly by Sept. we'll be able to buy. I love the blog, by the way!

Reynolds Family said...

Your kids are so adorable! Keep posting those pictures!

Tara said...

Tell Hannah she is adorable and I love looking at her pictures!
Her favorite aunt!