Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sam Loves his Mommy

I went grocery shopping last night (for all the healthy stuff that got left off of Chase's list on Saturday). I didn't take very long, but apparently long enough for Sam to get Mommy withdrawals, and he tried to attach himself to my leg. This is not very conducive to putting groceries away! Especially knowing that he can't stand by himself yet and any quick move i make could cause him to bang his head on those hard tiles.

It was kinda frustrating- but at least he is adorable while being a pain.

But I finally found a way to put all the food away without risking Sam's head. I opened the fridge. Apparently the only thing better than mommy is the fridge. Once i opened the door he ditched my leg and made a beeline for the coldness and easily accessible mayo and ketchup. It's his favorite place to hang out- at least he hasn't figured out how to reach anything to cause a lot of messes yet.

"What mom? I'm just looking for a snack!"
I wasted electricity for a little bit and left the fridge open for him while I finished putting all the pantry stuff away too. It was just easier this way.

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Reynolds Family said...

He has the cutest smile ever! So adorable! Isn't it funny how kids can be so cute at the same time as they are irritating? ;)