Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who ate my cheeseburger!

OK- I will never be eating at this Burger King again! Me and the kids had the car for the day, so we ran to burger king for cheap cheese burgers and went to the park to eat and play. I was busy giving the kids theirs- opening them up and adding a squirt of ketchup, then i got to the last one- mine. I open it up and i swear it looks like there is a bite taken out of the meat! Really- it could have just been a weird shaped patty, but to me it looks like someone was taste-testing in the kitchen. I couldn't bring my self to eat it. So i let my kids eat their's (i was tempted to take them away and trash them- but i hadn't seen anything wrong with theirs, and who has ever tried to take away food from a hungry kid?). I didn't return it- it wasn't worth it for my $1 meal, but i did save it- and i showed it to chase who agreed he wouldn't have eaten it. But then i couldn't throw it out. it sat on my counter for several days- open just like in the picture, like i should do something with it. Report it to the higher ups of burger king. Maybe they would give me free food- but do i want free food from the place that gave me this? Well after several days of looking at it- i realized that there was now some funky white stuff on it and it was hard as a rock, so i took a picture of it and finally tossed it in the garbage. Now you get to share in my worst fast food experience ever, and now that i have told someone maybe i can get over it. On a much happier note- it is such a neat phase when babies start waking up happy and greet me like this after nap time! Even though Sam now has at least 1 bruise on his head at all times, there are some benefits to him pulling up and standing with help now.


Nick and Tanya said...

Ya that definately looks like a bite was taken out of it...and you know if Chase won't eat it then it isn't good!

Reynolds Family said...

Yuck, I wouldn't have eaten that, either. Scary! I am glad you have started a blog - it's fun to see these cute pictures of your kids and to keep updated. I'll send you an invite to mine if you are interested. (It's private.) Just email me at so I will have your email address to send it to.