Thursday, April 30, 2009

no news....

So.... We did not just have a baby, I am not pregnant, we are not moving, or selling a house or buying a house, we aren't going on vacation, we aren't getting anything new, there are no birthdays this month. We are pretty boring right now. I mostly blog about botched cookies and watching my grass grow. The best that i can do for excitement today is Chase's work schedule changes from 7-3:30 to 10:30-7. And Hannah has decided she wants her ears pierced. I am making her wait till after next payday, a little more than a week from now, to make sure she really wants it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How bad is it to put the eggs in after the flour when making chocolate chip cookies?
This is what I get for trying to multi-task and cook with Brad and Bekah's help.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sam is usually such a very good baby. But, today is different. He is grouchy, irritable, and being very difficult. If i am not holding him or feeding him, he is crying at my feet. He also keeps gnawing on the side of my hand, and it hurts so bad that my thumb goes all tingly. Maybe he is finally "really" teething, and he will have teeth before he is 10 months old. Ever since his 3 month checkup his Dr has been saying "looks like he'll be getting his first tooth any day now!" Letting him suck out (and spill) the last few drops of Pepsi from my can made him extremely happy for a few minutes. The first picture is just showing off how much he uses his knees getting around. He also has some holes forming on the stomach of this outfit- he doesn't get his chest of the ground when he "crawls" around.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally, 26 days after the accident, I have my car back. It's so shiny and pretty.Well, it was a little shinier before we drove chase to work- they haven't paved the road yet that leads to it, and the farm across from it seemed to have over watered a bit, so it was a kinda messy drive this morning. Kids were so happy to have our own car again. I took the kids out to get cheap hamburgers last night, and I was getting all kinds of driving advice. Brad said that it's not safe to drive alone, cause then mom gets in car crashes, Hannah declared that we shouldn't race like Rocket, and that we should speed down when we see other cars so we don't crash, and Bekah said we should "go slower to not go faster to crash" and a lot more for the whole drive. Thankfully Sam at least just seemed to enjoy the ride and didn't feel the need to guilt trip mommy about wrecking the car.

Most of our yard has filled in with grass! There are still some thin spots, and all around the edges needs to fill in better, but we only really have one spot left that is a mud pit whenever the sprinklers are on. I think we might need to get some filler dirt to raise that spot up, or just plant an orange tree there. But i am very happy with how it is turning out. I even got out the lawnmower this week and trimmed just the highest, thickest part of the lawn. I had forgotten how much I enjoy yard work. Since we have the grass growing pretty good, I cleaned up the back porch so it is Sam friendly. It's his favorite place to go now to hang out. When the other kids aren't out there playing I frequently find him at the back door, it reminds me of a little dog just patiently waiting for someone to come and open the door for him. And yes- the glass doors are really really dirty. The first night we were in our house and we were showing it off to all the family that helped us move in, Hannah ran right into the closed sliding doors. I haven't actually washed them since we moved in- I worry if i cleaned them now we would have a lot more kids running into the glass. Do we want to risk it? OK- it would probably not be an issue, but it sounds like a good excuse to skip that chore.
And another happy thing- my best friend Rae is down from Utah visiting family, and since I finally have my car back I get to see her before she goes back!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are ready for the cold!

To bad there is no cold for us though! This past weekend I was bored, but didn't feel like being productive at all (I should have been cleaning or doing laundry or yard work or something) since I didn't have a car to go out and do anything. So instead I got my leftover yarn pieces out to play with. I made 4 different hats for the kids, and Hannah got this beautiful matching hat and scarf ensemble. She is so pleased with it. She wanted to wear it to school today. Too bad for her, I said no. I made her cold weather clothes just in time for a day with a forecast high of 102! I can just picture her insisting on wearing it during recess and boiling away in the heat. SO she is planning on using it during our camping trip this summer. It might be cold enough at night to justify it. Now Bekah has been asking for a scarf to match her hat too. I would like to say my kids are silly that they are so happy with their hats when it is too hot outside to wear them, but I am the silly mommy that made them in the first place.

Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Weeks and 2 Days....

(my sound of frustration)

It's been 3 weeks and 2 days without my car.

It's been very hard to stay positive. I never realized that having a car was that important to my personal happiness. I should probably work on that.

And the hardest part for me, is that I can't get mad at anyone else. I can't blame this on Chase or the kids. It's all my fault that we have no car. And then I almost get mad at Chase because I can't get mad at him for it... Yes- I know that's not normal.

(Hahaha- I just spellchecked, and apparently my sound of frustration is spelled wrong.)
(oops- so is hahaha)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Accepting Help

This week has been very hard for me- in a good way. Just a few weeks ago I was feeling very proud of our family. We were finally in our own house, in our own ward, in our own town, we had our car, Chase was finally working close to home so that having only one car wasn't so crazy anymore. Kinda felt like we were on top of everything and we didn't need any help- we could do it all ourselves. Then the car broke. Since then we have borrowed a truck from Chases parents (yes- it is broken now- but we did use it for a little bit), our brother-in-law Scott helped us move in our new sectional, my parents have helped us out with moving our old furniture and brought us dinner, chase gets help with a car ride home every day, we get help from Heavenly in getting Hannah to and from school, Tanya helped me by letting my use her car to get groceries on Monday while she sat with my kids. It's been a very "helpful" time for us. It's been a very humbling experience for us to accept all of this help, and I feel blessed so much for the new perspective it had brought me. And Thank you to everyone that has helped us! Our car should be ready in about a week now- thankfully they didn't find to much more damage once they got it to the shop. My mom pointed out that I hadn't posted pics of the new couch- so here they are! I had the kids sit far apart to show how big it is- if they all stay were I put them they can't touch each other. To bad they don't listen that good, we still have lots of bickering about who touched who, and who is sitting to close to who.

It is a very dark blue, so during the middle of the day with the lights on and blinds open, it looks blue- the rest of the time it looks black.

On Tuesday we were just fixing leftovers and sandwiches for dinner- i wasn't fixing anything new. Bekah's dinner request was Refried beans in a sandwich! It sounds really gross, and me and chase were really skeptical that she would actually eat it- but she loved it!

Our backyard it making progress- this is the picture i took after we got the sprinklers all done and the ground mostly leveled out. And this is today:

We are getting closer to having a beautiful backyard for the kids to play in!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Focus on the positive

Ok- so we still have no clue how long it will be till our car is fixed. Thankfully Tanya lives close by and is willing to help out with Chase getting to work in the morning, and Glen works at SRP and is willing to give Chase a ride home. So I am trying to focus on the good things instead of stressing so much about the car.

This weeks marks 7 years since our first kiss! Our first kiss was on April fools day, and i remember thinking seriously? "I wonder how this relationship will end with this for a start?" But has been 7 years, and it is better than ever! I was looking for pictures of us when we were young and skinny- but none of those pictures are on the computer yet- and we don't have a scanner so they probably won't be for a long time! so these are just some cute pics of my hubby with the kids.

Introducing Brad and Hannah to new baby Bekah. Brad was instantly taken with her and is giving her a kiss.

Relaxing with our bean bag chairs (thanks to whoever it was that gave us those for our wedding!) Brad is just happy to have time with his daddy!

And this is on one of Hannah's favorite rides at Disney land- not that she remembers it much- it was just before her 2nd birthday and she hasn't been back since.

Any body want my ugly organ? it has a missing key, a couple of missing buttons, the fabric panels on the side are kicked in thanks to the kids using as a step to get to the light switch- also when Kitty had kittens they hid inside of it a lot, who knows what presents they left for you! It has pretty pipes that rest on top of it. And the bench only falls down on top of Sam every other time he pulls up against it! What? no takers? OK- it's going to DI, or some other random thrift store this weekend- I don't really like anything that makes Sam look like that. So unless I get a request before it disappears, it's out of here. This couch is also going this weekend- and it is so bad, I am not even asking if any one wants it. I am not letting any one sit on this couch again! I just received the call that our new sectional that we ordered is ready to be picked up. I will post the pictures after we get it here and set up and the living room clean. Thanks to Scott for helping us bring it home! (even if our car was working, we still wouldn't be able to get it home in our "girly" SUV)

And one more note before I go clean up my super messy living room before the guys bring my couch home: On Thursday I mentioned in an e-mail to chase at work that I really wished I had some soda pop to drink- it was all gone and had been for a couple of days. I wasn't expecting much since he roller bladed to work and would be roller blading home as well. But there is a Fry's halfway home- and he stopped and picked me up 2 whole 12 packs of soda! And then he roller bladed the last 2 miles with his backpack filled with his clothes and his huge shoes, and a 12 pack in each hand. I know most women are thrilled when they get flowers from there hubbies- but I was more than happy with my soda! Especially knowing what he had to do to get it home to me! I love Chase!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broken cars SUCK

So I talked to insurance on Monday, I answered all of their questions to file our claim- (to a couple different people?) and finally when i was done, He told me that someone would be calling in a couple of days to set up an appointment, for sometime after that to take pictures and make an estimate of the damage to be fixed. I was left even more depressed about my car after that- sure we were making progress and i was moving on to the next step in the process but i had no clue how long it would take to move to the next step. But- to my delight Matthew called me by 8:00 the next morning- he apologized for any inconvenience it might cause me- but he was in the area, could he come examine the car....right now? I was so shocked- by 8:30 on Tuesday he was there, and he was sorry that he had to come quick? Now Matthew is my favorite person at our insurance company. He took a bunch of pictures and gave me the estimate- $5,963.78 is what it will take to fix our car! Thankfully we only have to pay our deductible. But- he also told me he couldn't get the hood up very far- so they will probably get a higher amount once they open her up at the shop. By Tuesday evening we were having the car towed away. I was going to take pictures of it all the way on the truck- but this was all I got before my batteries died- (again- i think i need a new camera- this one sucks batteries dry at least once a week- and we don't even use it all that often! )The kids thought it was totally cool watching the truck lower down and pull the car up the ramp and then flatten back down. It was kinda silly for me- my dad owned "Clement Towing" when i was a child- tow trucks were an every day thing in our lives- going on calls with dad, playing all over them- putting the ramp down so we could ride our bikes on it, I even helped change the oil on some of them- but our kids thought it was so cool. Until the truck drove off with our car, then Brad started crying cause he wanted our car- not grampa's truck. He calmed down after i explained that it was just getting fixed, then we would get it back. Which brings me to the next topic- Grampas truck. Chase's parents were kind enough to bring us out their extra truck on Saturday (on their anniversary!) when they heard that we needed a vehicle. So I drove it to Church on Sunday with Hannah- the others stayed home since chase is totally against riding in the back of the truck, and I stalled once just getting out of the driveway. It didn't stall again- but that combined with the accident the day before made me a nervous wreck. I was exhausted just from driving that thing by the time we got home. I told chase I wasn't driving it again, and he would have to get the girls from school after work. It worked for the first two days- but maybe I hurt it's feelings, cause on Wednesday, it wouldn't start for chase at work. He thought it was just the battery, but it still wouldn't start after a jump. Soooo... now we have two broken vehicles. Thankfully Heavenly Shelley is super nice and is doing the morning and afternoon driving to get our girls to and from school until we get a working car again. And chase rollerbladed to work today- so he got about 40 minutes of exercise today that he normally doesn't get. And Hannah did go back to school this week- so I was just stuck at home with 3 kids instead of 4.

Hannah always picks out her own clothes for school, and I really try to just supply her with clothes that I won't have to make her change out of. (everything in her drawers is modest and in good condition and appropriate for school) but sometimes I wonder if her choices look somewhat trendy to other people, or just silly. her first day back to school she really wanted to wear the frog shirt and pink skirt but it was a little cold and windy, so she grabbed the bright pink leggings and told me it all matched cause the shirt has both colors of pink. I though it looked a little strange, but I couldn't make her change based on that. She has her freedom to pick her own clothes- but sometimes I wonder what other people think of them.