Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broken cars SUCK

So I talked to insurance on Monday, I answered all of their questions to file our claim- (to a couple different people?) and finally when i was done, He told me that someone would be calling in a couple of days to set up an appointment, for sometime after that to take pictures and make an estimate of the damage to be fixed. I was left even more depressed about my car after that- sure we were making progress and i was moving on to the next step in the process but i had no clue how long it would take to move to the next step. But- to my delight Matthew called me by 8:00 the next morning- he apologized for any inconvenience it might cause me- but he was in the area, could he come examine the car....right now? I was so shocked- by 8:30 on Tuesday he was there, and he was sorry that he had to come quick? Now Matthew is my favorite person at our insurance company. He took a bunch of pictures and gave me the estimate- $5,963.78 is what it will take to fix our car! Thankfully we only have to pay our deductible. But- he also told me he couldn't get the hood up very far- so they will probably get a higher amount once they open her up at the shop. By Tuesday evening we were having the car towed away. I was going to take pictures of it all the way on the truck- but this was all I got before my batteries died- (again- i think i need a new camera- this one sucks batteries dry at least once a week- and we don't even use it all that often! )The kids thought it was totally cool watching the truck lower down and pull the car up the ramp and then flatten back down. It was kinda silly for me- my dad owned "Clement Towing" when i was a child- tow trucks were an every day thing in our lives- going on calls with dad, playing all over them- putting the ramp down so we could ride our bikes on it, I even helped change the oil on some of them- but our kids thought it was so cool. Until the truck drove off with our car, then Brad started crying cause he wanted our car- not grampa's truck. He calmed down after i explained that it was just getting fixed, then we would get it back. Which brings me to the next topic- Grampas truck. Chase's parents were kind enough to bring us out their extra truck on Saturday (on their anniversary!) when they heard that we needed a vehicle. So I drove it to Church on Sunday with Hannah- the others stayed home since chase is totally against riding in the back of the truck, and I stalled once just getting out of the driveway. It didn't stall again- but that combined with the accident the day before made me a nervous wreck. I was exhausted just from driving that thing by the time we got home. I told chase I wasn't driving it again, and he would have to get the girls from school after work. It worked for the first two days- but maybe I hurt it's feelings, cause on Wednesday, it wouldn't start for chase at work. He thought it was just the battery, but it still wouldn't start after a jump. Soooo... now we have two broken vehicles. Thankfully Heavenly Shelley is super nice and is doing the morning and afternoon driving to get our girls to and from school until we get a working car again. And chase rollerbladed to work today- so he got about 40 minutes of exercise today that he normally doesn't get. And Hannah did go back to school this week- so I was just stuck at home with 3 kids instead of 4.

Hannah always picks out her own clothes for school, and I really try to just supply her with clothes that I won't have to make her change out of. (everything in her drawers is modest and in good condition and appropriate for school) but sometimes I wonder if her choices look somewhat trendy to other people, or just silly. her first day back to school she really wanted to wear the frog shirt and pink skirt but it was a little cold and windy, so she grabbed the bright pink leggings and told me it all matched cause the shirt has both colors of pink. I though it looked a little strange, but I couldn't make her change based on that. She has her freedom to pick her own clothes- but sometimes I wonder what other people think of them.


Anonymous said...

Just like old times for you huh! Maybe you are using the wrong batteries in your camera. Love ya

Nick and Tanya said...

Just be happy you don't have to deal with that truck stalling everyday like all of us kids had to for school! And it sounds like you guys are back in school yourselves with Chase rollerblading to work like he did when he worked at AMC his senior year! LOL Just remember things could always be worse. :)