Friday, April 3, 2009

Focus on the positive

Ok- so we still have no clue how long it will be till our car is fixed. Thankfully Tanya lives close by and is willing to help out with Chase getting to work in the morning, and Glen works at SRP and is willing to give Chase a ride home. So I am trying to focus on the good things instead of stressing so much about the car.

This weeks marks 7 years since our first kiss! Our first kiss was on April fools day, and i remember thinking seriously? "I wonder how this relationship will end with this for a start?" But has been 7 years, and it is better than ever! I was looking for pictures of us when we were young and skinny- but none of those pictures are on the computer yet- and we don't have a scanner so they probably won't be for a long time! so these are just some cute pics of my hubby with the kids.

Introducing Brad and Hannah to new baby Bekah. Brad was instantly taken with her and is giving her a kiss.

Relaxing with our bean bag chairs (thanks to whoever it was that gave us those for our wedding!) Brad is just happy to have time with his daddy!

And this is on one of Hannah's favorite rides at Disney land- not that she remembers it much- it was just before her 2nd birthday and she hasn't been back since.

Any body want my ugly organ? it has a missing key, a couple of missing buttons, the fabric panels on the side are kicked in thanks to the kids using as a step to get to the light switch- also when Kitty had kittens they hid inside of it a lot, who knows what presents they left for you! It has pretty pipes that rest on top of it. And the bench only falls down on top of Sam every other time he pulls up against it! What? no takers? OK- it's going to DI, or some other random thrift store this weekend- I don't really like anything that makes Sam look like that. So unless I get a request before it disappears, it's out of here. This couch is also going this weekend- and it is so bad, I am not even asking if any one wants it. I am not letting any one sit on this couch again! I just received the call that our new sectional that we ordered is ready to be picked up. I will post the pictures after we get it here and set up and the living room clean. Thanks to Scott for helping us bring it home! (even if our car was working, we still wouldn't be able to get it home in our "girly" SUV)

And one more note before I go clean up my super messy living room before the guys bring my couch home: On Thursday I mentioned in an e-mail to chase at work that I really wished I had some soda pop to drink- it was all gone and had been for a couple of days. I wasn't expecting much since he roller bladed to work and would be roller blading home as well. But there is a Fry's halfway home- and he stopped and picked me up 2 whole 12 packs of soda! And then he roller bladed the last 2 miles with his backpack filled with his clothes and his huge shoes, and a 12 pack in each hand. I know most women are thrilled when they get flowers from there hubbies- but I was more than happy with my soda! Especially knowing what he had to do to get it home to me! I love Chase!


Reynolds Family said...

Wow, rollerblading home with all that soda - now THAT is true love!

Brad and Ali said...

I am impressed with the rollerblading soda man.

By the way, Brad and I met on April Fools Day 36 years ago. I think that it works.


idaho.em said...

Wish you had a photo of that....