Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally, 26 days after the accident, I have my car back. It's so shiny and pretty.Well, it was a little shinier before we drove chase to work- they haven't paved the road yet that leads to it, and the farm across from it seemed to have over watered a bit, so it was a kinda messy drive this morning. Kids were so happy to have our own car again. I took the kids out to get cheap hamburgers last night, and I was getting all kinds of driving advice. Brad said that it's not safe to drive alone, cause then mom gets in car crashes, Hannah declared that we shouldn't race like Rocket, and that we should speed down when we see other cars so we don't crash, and Bekah said we should "go slower to not go faster to crash" and a lot more for the whole drive. Thankfully Sam at least just seemed to enjoy the ride and didn't feel the need to guilt trip mommy about wrecking the car.

Most of our yard has filled in with grass! There are still some thin spots, and all around the edges needs to fill in better, but we only really have one spot left that is a mud pit whenever the sprinklers are on. I think we might need to get some filler dirt to raise that spot up, or just plant an orange tree there. But i am very happy with how it is turning out. I even got out the lawnmower this week and trimmed just the highest, thickest part of the lawn. I had forgotten how much I enjoy yard work. Since we have the grass growing pretty good, I cleaned up the back porch so it is Sam friendly. It's his favorite place to go now to hang out. When the other kids aren't out there playing I frequently find him at the back door, it reminds me of a little dog just patiently waiting for someone to come and open the door for him. And yes- the glass doors are really really dirty. The first night we were in our house and we were showing it off to all the family that helped us move in, Hannah ran right into the closed sliding doors. I haven't actually washed them since we moved in- I worry if i cleaned them now we would have a lot more kids running into the glass. Do we want to risk it? OK- it would probably not be an issue, but it sounds like a good excuse to skip that chore.
And another happy thing- my best friend Rae is down from Utah visiting family, and since I finally have my car back I get to see her before she goes back!


Reynolds Family said...

Happy day for you - you get your car back and your grass is looking great! We are so glad to hear it!

Brad and Ali said...

What a cute picture of Sam! I am so glad that you got your car back. The lawn is looking really good.