Monday, April 27, 2009


Sam is usually such a very good baby. But, today is different. He is grouchy, irritable, and being very difficult. If i am not holding him or feeding him, he is crying at my feet. He also keeps gnawing on the side of my hand, and it hurts so bad that my thumb goes all tingly. Maybe he is finally "really" teething, and he will have teeth before he is 10 months old. Ever since his 3 month checkup his Dr has been saying "looks like he'll be getting his first tooth any day now!" Letting him suck out (and spill) the last few drops of Pepsi from my can made him extremely happy for a few minutes. The first picture is just showing off how much he uses his knees getting around. He also has some holes forming on the stomach of this outfit- he doesn't get his chest of the ground when he "crawls" around.