Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Accepting Help

This week has been very hard for me- in a good way. Just a few weeks ago I was feeling very proud of our family. We were finally in our own house, in our own ward, in our own town, we had our car, Chase was finally working close to home so that having only one car wasn't so crazy anymore. Kinda felt like we were on top of everything and we didn't need any help- we could do it all ourselves. Then the car broke. Since then we have borrowed a truck from Chases parents (yes- it is broken now- but we did use it for a little bit), our brother-in-law Scott helped us move in our new sectional, my parents have helped us out with moving our old furniture and brought us dinner, chase gets help with a car ride home every day, we get help from Heavenly in getting Hannah to and from school, Tanya helped me by letting my use her car to get groceries on Monday while she sat with my kids. It's been a very "helpful" time for us. It's been a very humbling experience for us to accept all of this help, and I feel blessed so much for the new perspective it had brought me. And Thank you to everyone that has helped us! Our car should be ready in about a week now- thankfully they didn't find to much more damage once they got it to the shop. My mom pointed out that I hadn't posted pics of the new couch- so here they are! I had the kids sit far apart to show how big it is- if they all stay were I put them they can't touch each other. To bad they don't listen that good, we still have lots of bickering about who touched who, and who is sitting to close to who.

It is a very dark blue, so during the middle of the day with the lights on and blinds open, it looks blue- the rest of the time it looks black.

On Tuesday we were just fixing leftovers and sandwiches for dinner- i wasn't fixing anything new. Bekah's dinner request was Refried beans in a sandwich! It sounds really gross, and me and chase were really skeptical that she would actually eat it- but she loved it!

Our backyard it making progress- this is the picture i took after we got the sprinklers all done and the ground mostly leveled out. And this is today:

We are getting closer to having a beautiful backyard for the kids to play in!

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Reynolds Family said...

Your couch looks so nice! I can't wait until we can buy a new couch; our couches are getting pretty worn! I'm glad you are close to having your car back to normal. Thanks goodness for good family and friends nearby.