Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue and Red blanket

OK- it's been 8 days since I started this project, and now it is done! Well, almost... The sewing is complete, I am making it a rag quilt with all the edges of the squares left unfinished and snipped so they fray really cute. (I don't know if I explained that very well for anyone that doesn't already know what I am talking about- sorry.) So i still need to go over it with my moms snipers and start the fray going and wash it a couple times. I am so thankful my mom showed me a way to cut out squares that is better than scissors. It's a rotary cutter. A super sharp blade made to cut out fabric that looks like a pizza cutter. Used with a special mat underneath the material it makes cutting out squares really easy and fast- i had it going through 7 layers of flannel at a time. this is my finished stack of squares:

These are the materials that I was working with, the prints had a vintage feel to them that I really liked.

And this is the finished quilt. It's a bit big to be called just a throw. It completely covers the top of our queen sized bed, (i would need to add a border for it to actually used there though). It is nice and big and comfy and so soft to use for TV watching on our couch. I did mange to get most of it into a pattern working out from the center, but towards the corners it gets mixed up cause i was running out of squares and I didn't want to spend any more money on it.


Reynolds Family said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I absolutely LOVE it! Great fabrics! I have heard of those rotary cutters; I really should get one. That would save so much time.

Did you quilt this or are you going to tie it?

Anonymous said...

Looks great liz, Ill try to have my rag snips with me on sat. I Love it

Anonymous said...

I did find sone other pieces that go woth those. More blue ones if you want to do a border.

Elena T said...

Liz that is beautiful!! I really love it. You did an excellent job.

Tara said...

Liz you are amazing! It is so beautiful.

Brad and Ali said...

I love your red, white and blue blanket. It is as pretty as it is soft.