Thursday, May 28, 2009

First day of summer break

We have one kitchen cupboard that has nothing in it- it used to be pet stuff, but since we don't have any pets now, we use it for Sam storage.... He has taken to raiding the cabinets anytime he is in the kitchen and this is the only one that he can get into. He loves it until he gets stuck under the shelf.

To celebrate the first morning with no school we got donuts for breakfast- me and Hannah made the run first thing after I woke up.

On our donut run we also got this fun orange pool, (walmart is great- pools and donuts in one stop!) Sam didn't seem to get what the big deal was and was climbing out as fast as he could.

Until we took it outside and added water. He was thrilled with the idea of bathing outside.
He got upset when all the kids deserted him to get swim suits on and wasn't very happy with me when I pulled him out to take off his shirt and change him into a swim diaper (the regular diapers are so absorbent that he could hardly move in it)

it was a wonderful first day of summer- I hadn't realized just how long it would entertain the big kids for. I spent hours in peace and quiet while Sam napped and the kids played outside.

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