Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It was Hannah's big day today- the kindergarten promotion ceremonies! All of the kids were very cute and did a wonderful job singing songs for the parents and reciting a poem in unison, i couldn't understand a word of it- but it was nice and loud! Not to put any of the kids down in any way, just my expectations for 60 5 & 6 year olds crammed onto a stage at the same time wasn't that high. Good thing the program was short.
I have never been to a kindergarten promotion before- i didn't have one and chase didn't either- so i was really surprised that they had a nice display folder for each child with a certificate of completion and a picture. (i blacked out the name of the school- it doesn't actually look like that) Hannah's hair was really messy that picture day though- i knew we weren't ordering the pictures so we didn't try very hard that morning, if I had known we were getting these I would have put more effort into it!
And the is Hannah's favorite school teacher ever, LOL, Mrs. Bocchino. (she has never had any other school teachers.) Hannah is always making notes and pictures to take to her. After the program the principle announced that although school was still in session technically, the kindergartners were done and could go home and they don't have to come back tomorrow for the last day either, and it was only a 1/2 day anyways. But Hannah loves her teacher and school so much she voted to stay at school anyways. I let her since there was still 5 other kids who's parents didn't take them out too. they will probably just play all day, the other two classes didn't have any one stay. Hannah wants to go to school tomorrow as well- and since i know at least one other kid will be there since his mom has to go into work in the morning i will take her in too. I just don't want her to be the only one there with the teacher- I think that would be kind of strange.

I tried to take a couple of pictures of the kids on stage, but they turned out really dark and grainy and Hannah was right behind a microphone, so i won't post those. Here comes the lazy summer days (yeah right! with 4 kids?) It's crazy that in just 7 short weeks I will be sending her back to school again along with Brad. I will have just 2 kids at home during the day- I haven't had that since Bekah was born 3 1/2 years ago!

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Rogers said...

Congrats! Love the blankets. Backyard looks great. glad all is well it's fun to catch up.