Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

OK- well I am little bit late, but I hope all the Moms had an excellent day. I usually get so depressed around special holidays like this- including Valentines day and my birthday as well, Since Chase isn't good at the present thing. I really think he wants to be, he just makes it harder than it needs to be and is so intent on getting me "the perfect present" on a very limited budget that he ends up not getting me anything. I would be perfectly fine with Flowers or good smelling lotion, or anything else for that matter- as long as he went to the store and got it. So, as I felt the depression coming on in the days leading up to Mothers day I decided that I would make sure he couldn't mess up, and I picked out exactly what i wanted and told chase exactly what he had to do. I haven't liked some of the plants in our yard since we moved in. So i went to home depot and picked out some other plants, and a few others for spots that had a driper but the plants didn't make it through the winter. So here is what I ended up with- 3 Lantanas that make really pretty ground cover as they grow, and 3 hibiscus plants that will grow up into bigger bushes.
Some of them were kinda sad looking by the time we made it home- i had to slam on the brakes 2 times on the way home because of other stupid drivers, and all of the plants ended up tipped over in the back of the car. Chase's part was to plant them all for me! It wouldn't be that big of a deal for me to do it- except for the fact that he had to tear up all the bushes that I didn't like first. It was much more yard work than I would have been willing to do!

But now I have added 3 new plants like this:

One of my hibiscus is pink:

One is orange:
I haven't had any blooms on the last hibiscus yet, so I don't know which color that one has.

Thanks to the landscaping the builders did before closing, our house had a decent sized section of grass, 2 trees that are growing nice and big, and the thing that makes me so happy is the 16 flowering plants. We haven't been able to do very much decorating inside our house yet, but the beautiful landscaping makes me so happy. I am so thankful that Chase helped me with it for Mothers day. I am very grateful to him going to work for us everyday to be able to provide for us and to make the mortgage payment each month. I feel such peace and contentment from taking care of our front yard and seeing the new flowers bloom each day. (maybe it's cause the flowers stay where we put them, don't make messes and don't talk back to us?)
I should also mention the Hannah made a very pretty butterfly card for me at school, Brad made me a picture of a sinking-broken-in-half-pirate-ship in primary- cause he knows how much I love those, and Bekah made a cute flower picture in primary, and filled out a paper all about me- according to Bekah I am 4 years old, my favorite color is pink, her favorite meal I make is cookies, (which if you read old posts, i do occasionally feed them cookies for diner), my favorite thing to do is build cakes,(i only make cakes when I have to for birthdays, and they start as a mix in a box) and my eyes are "blue and white and brown in the middle". I love my kids so much. Also- Sam started taking steps for me this weekend! It won't be long till he is running all over the place!

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Elena T said...

I love our Hisbiscus plants in our teeny tiny backyard. We just can't kill them and they keep blooming and blooming. And the flowers are so pretty! Good picks! And good for Chase for putting in the labor.