Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Fun

I was working on a super cute project for Jaime's baby (I will post pictures of it after I give it to her) and just as I was finishing up on Saturday night, my sewing machine broke. At first I just thought the needle had come lose, but no- there is the needle, plus 4 other pieces that just kinda fell apart. So no more projects till we get this fixed. Thankfully my mom is the floor manager at a fabric store that also does sewing machine repairs.
Other news- Sam found out he can yank out the bottom rack from our dishwasher and push it around the kitchen like a car (his favorite kind of toy). At least Hannah had put away the dishes before he discovered this new activity!
We also had my best friend Rae out to our house for the day on Sunday. It was a lot of fun- our husbands got to play computer games together, our kids all played together and used up a lot of energy- we only had one incident when they found the mud puddle in the back yard. Me and Rae just sat and visited, and I got to cuddle baby Megan the whole time. She is about 3 months and super cute. Then Chase made yummy shredded beef burritos for dinner and the Davidson's had to head back soon after that. My kids were sad, the last time they were over for a visit they spent the night with us. We watched Hannah's house show and then put some very very sleepy children to bed. And that was the end. Chase was an awesome husband this weekend- not only did he help to get the whole house cleaned up (he even cleaned the toilets) but he also made that super yummy dinner for everyone because I wanted my friend to come for a visit. I love him so much!

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