Friday, June 26, 2009


Sam Has discovered in the last week that he can climb on stuff. Like our slide, that seemed so little till he started climbing it- now it seems huge!
He thought he was so cool when he climbed on top of this box. it was still halfway on the porch so it would rock back and forth underneath him whenever he moved.
And finally, after mommy removed all climbable things from the porch, he set out across the grass to join the kids in the big pool. A pretty big feat since he usually avoids the grass at all costs and will usually just watch the kids from the porch.

He loves swimming time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't buy this stoller!

In Anticipation of a busy summer filled with swim lessons and other outings with all 4 kids and just me, I set out to buy myself a new lightweight stroller to use for Sam. The last stroller I bought was a gigantic double stroller when Brad was born. And before that I had a really bulky heavy single stroller from Hannah's baby shower. Both were very well used, held up great under Lots of use and abuse from all of my kids, but i felt it was time to move on. I found this super cute Jeep stroller that handled very well, Sam loved it and it fit great in the back of our car. I had used it just a few times and then I took it with my to a wedding reception on May 30th which Chase wouldn't be going with us. The reception was a ton of fun, my kids had a blast, and it was really crowded cause even though it was a come and go event, nobody seemed to have any desire to go. We all eating some yummy dinner and Sam was Chilling next to me in his cool stroller munching on whatever food I was willing to share. Everything was good. Then Brad was tapping me on the shoulder "uh...mommy- Sam's head is stuck out of his stroller..." I turned and sure enough, a seam along the back and Sam was still buckled and hanging out of the back of it!

I took it back to the store and the lady swore to me she had never seen this problem before, so I figured it was just a fluke. So we switched it for another of the same kind. i was very hopeful yet cautious. After just one trip to swim lessons the material was starting to pull apart in the same spot. I returned it for a completely different brand. I then sent an e-mail to kolcraft with the pictures and complained to them. They said they could send me a different seat that would work with this frame (which would require me to take apart the frame to get the new seat on and be without a stroller till they got it to me) and they would look into it. I looked up reviews on the Internet- I found that on one website 30 reviews out of 79 specifically stated a problem with the seams ripping out, and many more that said "falling apart" without mentioning which part is the problem. I really wish I had seen these reviews before buying, but now I am wondering why this stroller is even being sold with babies falling out the back of it? when will they recall these? Only after a child is seriously hurt?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

He does more than just video games

OK- the last post came across as a little bit mean to Chase. He does play his games, a lot. But he also does the dishes! I haven't done dishes in months because he is great at getting it done. He also works 40 hours a week to pay for my house and my car and all the fast food that I scarf down with the kids. I love him dearly, and yes he does more than just video games.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No time to blog!

We have been busy this week. My kids started swim lessons, The 3 older kids swim Monday-Thursday for the entire month of June. And me and Sam just hang out and watch them. And Then we go to my parents house to hang out for awhile, then to my grandparents to swim in their swimming pool for an hour or two, then we hang out for awhile at my parents again while Sam takes a nap. MY dad has even given me a little bit of work to do during nap time so that I stay busy, I help him out with some organization stuff for his Business, and I get paid to. I might even do it enough to pay to fill up the gas tank for driving out that far 4 days a week. I love spending time out there- but it doesn't leave much time for me to get on the computer. We leave when we take chase to work, and we don't get home till after we have picked Chase up. Aside from sleeping, chase pretty much spends all his time on the computer- he even eats his food sitting at the computer. SO on swimming days I have to sneak on when he gets in his morning shower, or I have to run and sit down before he gets there after work. So, I have to get all my computer time on Fridays- the day that I also have to clean the whole house and do all the laundry....