Friday, June 5, 2009

No time to blog!

We have been busy this week. My kids started swim lessons, The 3 older kids swim Monday-Thursday for the entire month of June. And me and Sam just hang out and watch them. And Then we go to my parents house to hang out for awhile, then to my grandparents to swim in their swimming pool for an hour or two, then we hang out for awhile at my parents again while Sam takes a nap. MY dad has even given me a little bit of work to do during nap time so that I stay busy, I help him out with some organization stuff for his Business, and I get paid to. I might even do it enough to pay to fill up the gas tank for driving out that far 4 days a week. I love spending time out there- but it doesn't leave much time for me to get on the computer. We leave when we take chase to work, and we don't get home till after we have picked Chase up. Aside from sleeping, chase pretty much spends all his time on the computer- he even eats his food sitting at the computer. SO on swimming days I have to sneak on when he gets in his morning shower, or I have to run and sit down before he gets there after work. So, I have to get all my computer time on Fridays- the day that I also have to clean the whole house and do all the laundry....

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