Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Awesome Husband

Chase has always donated blood- for as long as I have known him he has gone in at regular intervals to donate, i even watched once (it creeped me out so bad- watching all this blood drain from my then boyfriends arm- that i haven’t ever done it since).  It is one thing that I have always admired about him.  When he started work at SRP they had regular blood drives where he could donate while being on the clock at work, making it so much easier for him to fit donating into his schedule. Well, when he moved out to the new offices we discovered that there was no blood drives set up there so he decided to do something about it.  He put a lot of extra effort into it and got the ball rolling, not expecting any special recognition or extra compensation.  He did it just because he felt good about it.  But this week he came home with this award:


This award is to recognize Chase Thurston for his outstanding coordination of our very first Blood Drive at the Pinal Customer Center. Chase took the initiative to request that we have a blood drive at our new facility and volunteered to coordinate with United Blood Services including contacting them and scheduling the event. He really showed great organizational skills by getting the word out, signing up  previous donors and recruiting new donors. He went above and beyond to even make homemade cookies for the donors! It was a great success and because of his efforts, the donations made have potential to help save 69 lives in area hospitals. Thank you for a job well done Chase.”

This special recognition also came with a $300 bonus that he wasn’t expecting!   The desire to help others without thought for himself  was one of the many reasons that I fell in love with this man- a trait that I have seen surface so many times in the  7 years that we have been together.  I know that he would never tell any of his family himself, so I just had to dedicate this post to bragging about my awesome husband!  DSCF2651

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Every year we have a fun camping trip with the Clements.  It usually ends up being a reunion of sorts with my grandparents staying for about 2 weeks and all the other family going up whenever they can and having over-lapping stays.   We got to see my parents and little brothers, Aaron came up on his motorcycle for a few days and even my big brother Nate made it over from California for a weekend of camping!   I had several Aunts and Uncles and cousins came up for a couple of nights while we were there as well.  Chase came up with us on Saturday and helped set up camp then left on Sunday night with my mom since he had work, and me and the kids stayed up with my dad till Tuesday afternoon.  We have tons of cute pictures that will be showing up over the next couple of days- I came home with a cold and don’t feel up to a huge post right now, so here are 2 highlights: DSCF2685

My kids had a blast hanging out with Uncle Nate. He is 2 years older than me and lives in northern California.  We haven’t seen him for a couple of years and the kids were a bit shy at first, but after some fun rides in his car and some exploring at Potato lake and fishing at Knoll lake they were very sad to have him leave for home.

Pretty soon after we got to camp uncle dusty offered to take my kids on a walk  around the campground.  After getting more details (me being a good mom!)  they started walking away and I mainly stop paying attention to my kids jabbering, but then I hear Hannah “is that a bear?”  “is that a bear?” “is that a bear!?!”  I am finally paying attention and realized that there was a bear up on the hillside really close to our camp.  I ran back to the car to get our camera- but that took time and he was headed away from us, so these are the best pics I have of it:

DSCF2631 DSCF2632

Thankfully we didn’t see him the whole rest of the trip.  I have been camping in the same area (a few different spots)  once every year for my entire life, and this is only the second time that I have ever seen a bear- and the only time that it was within walking distance from camp. 

Monday, July 20, 2009

First day of school 2009


OK- we were running late this morning but I knew I had to get a first day picture and only gave myself 2 shots as I was wrestling with Sam to keep him out of the shot and away from my camera- you either get Hannah looking at me, or Brad looking at me- but of course not at the same time!


Hannah seemed to do ok- only problem was we were running late and she wanted me to help  her find where she was supposed to be before I took Brad to his class.  We treck all the way to the back playground and search for her teachers sign to know where to line up at…only to discover they were signs taped to the ground….. in the midst of hundreds of students and teachers and parents and extra younger siblings none of which seemed to realize you needed to line up behind the signs- not bunch up in a crowd on top of the sign.  So I finally took Brad to the little playground and the bells had already rung so there was no time to play (what he was the most excited about)  he seemed to do ok, until he realized that I wasn’t inside the class with him, then he came running back out crying! I gave him a big hug and kiss and sent him back in.  It lasted for about 2 minutes then as i was outside the playground fence watching I saw him screaming again and was trying to get past his teacher back out to me.  I felt so bad!  This kid has never been to preschool and I am his primary teacher on Sundays… so this whole thing just kinda freaked him out. 

Now…. about that car… I was wondering if any one would say anything to the effect of “what the crap!?  Chase and Liz can’t afford another car, and no way would Chase surprise her with something that big, and no way would Liz be happy about not picking her own car!”  Well- it’s not  keeper- not only can we not afford it,  (we are in debt up to our eyeballs with me not working) Chase wouldn’t suprise me with a car-(i pay all the bills and do all the budgeting)  and not only would i like to pick out my own car, Chase insists that I test drive cars before I buy them so that he knows I will really like it.  When we bought the pilot i told Chase to just go find us a car that was big enough for us within a certain price range. He wouldn’t have it- i had to research each individual car and do test drives before he would buy me the car.  So, the story with the Honda Civic Hybrid in my garage is that  our car went in to get new brakes on Saturday among other things and it wasn’t going to be done on time they sent Chase home with a loaner. That doesn’t even hold our entire family. That is why I had a girls night out instead of date night- we couldn’t get all the kids in to take them to the sitter. 

And these guys are just cute:


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Chase came home from running errands yesterday with this pretty surprise for me!


yup- I have a Honda Civic hybrid sitting in my garage.  He also brought a box of my favorite see’s chocolates (only a little box- i don’t like getting the big box cause I feel like a pig after I eat it all- after the little box? not such bad feelings) and then he  sent me out with my mom for girl’s night out while he stayed home with the kids.  She treated me to Olive garden, and we saw The Proposal- it was a very funny movie but two parts in it were so bad that it makes me very reluctant to recommend anyone else see it.   Then my mom also went with me to do last minute shopping for school supplies to send with the kids on Monday and  to get food for their lunches.  And this morning I had my last chance to sleep in- (all the way till ten, but part of that time i was awake in bed reading- but everybody in the house thought i was sleeping in so they didn’t bother me)  and Hannah and Brad start school tomorrow- 2 out of 4 kids in school alllllll day- a very good birthday present. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting ready for school

I took all the kids shopping today… by myself…  not something I enjoy or look forward to doing again!

We got new school shoes:


DSCF2597 DSCF2596 










The last two pairs aren’t actually school shoes- but Bekah was feeling left out, and Sam got his first pair of Tennis shoes (he’s been wearing a pair of Brad’s old shoes that he didn’t like- he would cry whenever we put them on but he doesn’t mind these at all!)

It’s amazing how much all this school stuff adds up- and only half of my kids are in school!

New Shoes, New backpacks, new lunch boxes, and all the stuff to go in them….


Thank fully it is a 3 paycheck month and while I still have to be careful with our money, I have a little more wiggle room with it this week. So… we bought a new sleeping bag for our upcoming camping trip.  Can you guess which one is new? 

Bekah had been using the smaller orange one, but since Sam needed one and is not picky- so I let Bekah pick a new one- and since pink wasn’t available she got purple.  Of course my family couldn’t all have normal color sleeping bags!

DSCF2602 DSCF2603 DSCF2604

Sam really didn’t get that I wanted him to sit still for the picture! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Week of Summer!

Well- it’s the last week of summer break at our house.  We have started the count down to the start of school on monday.  We are done with swim lessons and the kids (and the mommy) are starting to get a little  crazy and irritable waiting.  Since Hannah was “sooooooooooooo bored”  we broke out the painting stuff- you can see in the first picture how neat and orderly i had everything set up to begin……

DSCF2567 DSCF2568  







Thank fully our paint was:


And I ended up with all this artwork…..

DSCF2570 DSCF2571

(that’s not all of them!)


Brad’s birthday!!!!

Brad turned 5 on Tuesday! 


The birthday fairy came while he was sleeping, so when he woke up tuesday morning he had a reminder that it was his special day- blue and green baloons all over his room! 


He got a transformer to open up in the morning, then he went to peter piper pizza with Grandma Clement.  She also took him shopping and  bought him a sponge bob back pack and a cool  flying Dinoco blue  Lightning McQueen.  We also had to meet his new teacher that night.  When we got the letters last week Hannah was so excited to meet her teacher, and was excited to tell Brad that she had met his new teacher before- but Brad was not impressed.  “Well I haven’t met her and I’m not gonna!” were his exact words.  But after meeting her (and refusing to talk to her or look her in the eye)  he has relaxed about going to school a little bit.  After we left the school i asked him if he liked his teacher, he replied “yeah- she’s not in bad shape!”  This suprised me so much I asked what a bad shape would have been- “short!  and wide…. well not that wide…”   so whatever his reasoning- he is now a little tiny bit excited about school instead of insisting he will just stay home with mommy.  After that I took him to get a lunch box and to spend his birthday money.  He picked a “Mac” with a trailer that can haul one of his many Lightning McQueen cars, and will still have $13  left in his bank after paying tithing.  While getting  presents is always a fun thing for birthdays, it’s also neat that  the Thurston's provide my kids with the opportunity to pick out presents of their own, pay tithing, and work on putting money aside for savings each year. 

Hair cuts!

With school starting another thing on our to-do list was hair cuts.

Hannah just got her ends trimmed up- she is growing it out to be “as long as ariels”

Brad just got his trimmed around the ears and neck.

Bekah also just got hers trimmed up into her usual cute bob.

Boring same old stuff.  Except for sam.  He sat on my lap to get his adorable cute curls cut off since Daddy and one of his grampa’s were claiming he looked like a girl.  (seriously- it wasn’t that  long!)





no more curls!  


It’s not the buz cut chase probably wanted- but it still did the job, the curls are gone!   I’m sad….  he looks so much different, and it feels like his curls represented his days as my little baby- now he looks more like a little boy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam turned one this past week.  And in spirit of being a little bit older he got his first tooth the day before his birthday (i think he was embarrassed by the idea of being the 1 year old with no teeth).  Since he has that one tooth we have been brushing every morning and night.  He sits so good on the bathroom counter and opens up big for me to brush that one tooth for him.  Only problem is that he loves it so much he goes into screaming fits every time we stop!  So here is practicing himself with a different toothbrush for playing with.  He tries so hard…   good thing i do the real brushing!

DSCF2540    See mommy?  All clean! DSCF2544

Sam had his 1 year check up right on his birthday and now i have some stats to report- he is 24 pounds (75%), 31 inches tall (75%) and his head is 19 inches around (90%!!!).   only 17 inches to go and we can plan our Disneyland trip!  

Sam just got one present this year from us- this fun truck, but it took awhile for him to have any interest in opening it. (one of my in-laws blamed it on the blah wrapping paper- maybe)  DSCF2549 DSCF2550 DSCF2551 DSCF2552 He finally got it opened, and although a bit apprehensive at first, he was soon pushing it everywhere and loves to take the driver out and put him back in over and over again. He also realized that it was his and would  get upset when the other kids would try to play with it.  It bothered him the most when Kariah would touch it- she is 2 months older than Sam but 6 pounds lighter.  Whenever She would touch it he would start to cry and bang his head on the edge of the truck (a normal Sam tantrum).    I feel bad but i couldn’t help but laugh when he would do it.  He also got a very cute orange and blue blankie  from Grandma Clement, and some cash from Grandma Thurston and Great Grandma Norton.

Then we moved on to cake!  Per Brad’s instructions we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles.  We sang and blew out candles 4 times- 1 each for Sam, Brad, Me, and Grandma Norton.  Sam was pretty clueless about what to do with the candle, but he really didn’t like me blowing it out for him.  Then the mess making began. DSCF2556

Are you sure I am supposed to eat this thing? It feels kinda gross…



Oh… I pick it up like this?



Oh….. you’re right….this is good stuff! 



Hey guys- come check this stuff out!



Ok- no more time to chit-chat, let’s start shoveling it in.



What?  You gave it to me mommy- don’t give me that look! You were practically asking for this mess! 



You saw it too- she put it right in front of me, what was i supposed to do?

Hurray! I am messy enough for real  bath time at grandma’s house!  no washing up at the sink for me!  (it kinda helped that grandpa gave me a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream with my very own spoon  after i finished the cupcake mommy gave me)


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Chase’s sister Tara is in town this weekend, so we have been very busy trying to fit everything in while everyone is here.  Friday all the women got together for a lunch without husbands or kids, Saturday morning we had a baptism and a baby shower in the afternoon, and for Sunday (today) we have a baby blessing in the morning and a big family dinner in the afternoon.  Sam’s birthday was Wednesday,  and Brad’s birthday is  Tuesday I was going to do a birthday party for both of them this weekend but there just wasn’t any time left for it. So we planned on taking birthday cake to family dinner  and singing to the boys and letting them open a present or 2.  But…. I am sitting here typing instead of sitting in church for the baby blessing.  This morning i woke up and went to the boys room to get Sam out of his crib when Brad starts complaining. “mom, i don’t feel good. I had a bad night. I need a bowl.” “did you throw up last night?”  “no, i didn’t throw up until right now”  and it starts coming out- thankfully he wasn’t looking right at me as he was talking,  and it was all clear and limited quantities since he had only gotten a small drink of water by that time. Now he is so sad since he was going to get birthday cake and get his birthday card from grandma and grandpa today, and he really wanted to see Sam open his present we got for him.  So I sent Chase on with the other kids while me and Brad hang out and watch the Disney channel.  DSCF2548 And this his current status report- he has eaten a plate of scrambled eggs, some marshmallows, a pop tart and a huge cup of grape juice and hasn’t thrown any of it up- he only did that 1 time.  Now…. do I let him go to the party?  Is he really sick or was it just a fluke that he threw up that  one time?  And if he was sick- shouldn’t all that food have made his stomach more upset?  Instead now he is acting  normal.  I worry that other moms will get upset if i bring him, but i don’t want him to miss the fun either.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day

We had a wonderful Independence Day as a family. We hung out with the Clements and Westwood ward at McKellips park/lake.

We had a picnic diner, DSCF2504

Which Sam slept through….DSCF2501 Then we got ready for the lake. DSCF2502

All the kids were good and put on their life jackets, and Chase was a great daddy and took all of them on nice long canoe rides- a big feat since the lake wasn’t all that big!



Hannah was so proud of herself for paddling the whole ride (she’s the brave one) while Brad seemed to have a harder time adjusting to the boat.


And this is the only picture I got of Bekah in the water, and of course she has her back to me.

Next we headed down to the bathrooms and the playground (all the way at the other end of the park from the boat ramp)

DSCF2508 These girls were so lucky that uncle Dusty was there to give them a ride most of the way in his little cart/wagon/car thing.

DSCF2509 Once we got to the top of the hill by the bathrooms Dustin turned it around and Brad climbed in with Dustin for a fun ride back down assisted only by gravity and the cool steering system that cousin Blake helped rig up. In Brad’s words- “it was totally uncool!” while giving a thumbs up, he really loved it so i guess we need to work on his vocabulary a little bit…


Sam walked some of this trek on his own when he wasn’t riding on Chase’s shoulders. He made pretty good time, except for when the pretty older girls walked by he would get distracted.

Then we actually got to the playground. it was so fun that chase actually came with us this year, (the last time he came was when Hannah was less than a month old). He really got into playing with the kids.

DSCF2511 DSCF2512 DSCF2515 DSCF2514DSCF2516 DSCF2518 DSCF2521 DSCF2522 DSCF2523 DSCF2524 DSCF2525 DSCF2526 DSCF2529

After all the energy was spent we went back the main area and watched fireworks from our blanket on a hill. I really enjoyed them, but the kids were more interested in the glow sticks provided by the ward, Sam was having a hard time with hill (yup, he kept rolling down the hill on accident) and this was when Chase finally declared he was ready to go home. (he has a hard time any time he has to sit still and he doesn’t have a computer in front of him) but we stuck it out all the way till the end. We got home a little before 11, and our kids all had a hard time at church on Sunday- brad slept through sacrament meeting and Bekah slept through primary, but it was all worth it and we had a blast.