Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Every year we have a fun camping trip with the Clements.  It usually ends up being a reunion of sorts with my grandparents staying for about 2 weeks and all the other family going up whenever they can and having over-lapping stays.   We got to see my parents and little brothers, Aaron came up on his motorcycle for a few days and even my big brother Nate made it over from California for a weekend of camping!   I had several Aunts and Uncles and cousins came up for a couple of nights while we were there as well.  Chase came up with us on Saturday and helped set up camp then left on Sunday night with my mom since he had work, and me and the kids stayed up with my dad till Tuesday afternoon.  We have tons of cute pictures that will be showing up over the next couple of days- I came home with a cold and don’t feel up to a huge post right now, so here are 2 highlights: DSCF2685

My kids had a blast hanging out with Uncle Nate. He is 2 years older than me and lives in northern California.  We haven’t seen him for a couple of years and the kids were a bit shy at first, but after some fun rides in his car and some exploring at Potato lake and fishing at Knoll lake they were very sad to have him leave for home.

Pretty soon after we got to camp uncle dusty offered to take my kids on a walk  around the campground.  After getting more details (me being a good mom!)  they started walking away and I mainly stop paying attention to my kids jabbering, but then I hear Hannah “is that a bear?”  “is that a bear?” “is that a bear!?!”  I am finally paying attention and realized that there was a bear up on the hillside really close to our camp.  I ran back to the car to get our camera- but that took time and he was headed away from us, so these are the best pics I have of it:

DSCF2631 DSCF2632

Thankfully we didn’t see him the whole rest of the trip.  I have been camping in the same area (a few different spots)  once every year for my entire life, and this is only the second time that I have ever seen a bear- and the only time that it was within walking distance from camp. 


Kostura Family said...

Oh my gosh, a BEAR!!! How creepy is that! Im always afraid of stuff like that when we go far Ive never seen a bear! Where was this at?

trueblue said...

I didn't know your family enjoyed camping. That's always been a favorite summer activity for me. But where do you go in Arizona in the summer? Wherever it is, it looks green and pretty. And there are black bears? Sounds like my kind of camping spot!