Monday, July 20, 2009

First day of school 2009


OK- we were running late this morning but I knew I had to get a first day picture and only gave myself 2 shots as I was wrestling with Sam to keep him out of the shot and away from my camera- you either get Hannah looking at me, or Brad looking at me- but of course not at the same time!


Hannah seemed to do ok- only problem was we were running late and she wanted me to help  her find where she was supposed to be before I took Brad to his class.  We treck all the way to the back playground and search for her teachers sign to know where to line up at…only to discover they were signs taped to the ground….. in the midst of hundreds of students and teachers and parents and extra younger siblings none of which seemed to realize you needed to line up behind the signs- not bunch up in a crowd on top of the sign.  So I finally took Brad to the little playground and the bells had already rung so there was no time to play (what he was the most excited about)  he seemed to do ok, until he realized that I wasn’t inside the class with him, then he came running back out crying! I gave him a big hug and kiss and sent him back in.  It lasted for about 2 minutes then as i was outside the playground fence watching I saw him screaming again and was trying to get past his teacher back out to me.  I felt so bad!  This kid has never been to preschool and I am his primary teacher on Sundays… so this whole thing just kinda freaked him out. 

Now…. about that car… I was wondering if any one would say anything to the effect of “what the crap!?  Chase and Liz can’t afford another car, and no way would Chase surprise her with something that big, and no way would Liz be happy about not picking her own car!”  Well- it’s not  keeper- not only can we not afford it,  (we are in debt up to our eyeballs with me not working) Chase wouldn’t suprise me with a car-(i pay all the bills and do all the budgeting)  and not only would i like to pick out my own car, Chase insists that I test drive cars before I buy them so that he knows I will really like it.  When we bought the pilot i told Chase to just go find us a car that was big enough for us within a certain price range. He wouldn’t have it- i had to research each individual car and do test drives before he would buy me the car.  So, the story with the Honda Civic Hybrid in my garage is that  our car went in to get new brakes on Saturday among other things and it wasn’t going to be done on time they sent Chase home with a loaner. That doesn’t even hold our entire family. That is why I had a girls night out instead of date night- we couldn’t get all the kids in to take them to the sitter. 

And these guys are just cute:


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What, nobody has anything to say now? I guess I will. You are a silly girl. Love ya!!