Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam turned one this past week.  And in spirit of being a little bit older he got his first tooth the day before his birthday (i think he was embarrassed by the idea of being the 1 year old with no teeth).  Since he has that one tooth we have been brushing every morning and night.  He sits so good on the bathroom counter and opens up big for me to brush that one tooth for him.  Only problem is that he loves it so much he goes into screaming fits every time we stop!  So here is practicing himself with a different toothbrush for playing with.  He tries so hard…   good thing i do the real brushing!

DSCF2540    See mommy?  All clean! DSCF2544

Sam had his 1 year check up right on his birthday and now i have some stats to report- he is 24 pounds (75%), 31 inches tall (75%) and his head is 19 inches around (90%!!!).   only 17 inches to go and we can plan our Disneyland trip!  

Sam just got one present this year from us- this fun truck, but it took awhile for him to have any interest in opening it. (one of my in-laws blamed it on the blah wrapping paper- maybe)  DSCF2549 DSCF2550 DSCF2551 DSCF2552 He finally got it opened, and although a bit apprehensive at first, he was soon pushing it everywhere and loves to take the driver out and put him back in over and over again. He also realized that it was his and would  get upset when the other kids would try to play with it.  It bothered him the most when Kariah would touch it- she is 2 months older than Sam but 6 pounds lighter.  Whenever She would touch it he would start to cry and bang his head on the edge of the truck (a normal Sam tantrum).    I feel bad but i couldn’t help but laugh when he would do it.  He also got a very cute orange and blue blankie  from Grandma Clement, and some cash from Grandma Thurston and Great Grandma Norton.

Then we moved on to cake!  Per Brad’s instructions we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles.  We sang and blew out candles 4 times- 1 each for Sam, Brad, Me, and Grandma Norton.  Sam was pretty clueless about what to do with the candle, but he really didn’t like me blowing it out for him.  Then the mess making began. DSCF2556

Are you sure I am supposed to eat this thing? It feels kinda gross…



Oh… I pick it up like this?



Oh….. you’re right….this is good stuff! 



Hey guys- come check this stuff out!



Ok- no more time to chit-chat, let’s start shoveling it in.



What?  You gave it to me mommy- don’t give me that look! You were practically asking for this mess! 



You saw it too- she put it right in front of me, what was i supposed to do?

Hurray! I am messy enough for real  bath time at grandma’s house!  no washing up at the sink for me!  (it kinda helped that grandpa gave me a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream with my very own spoon  after i finished the cupcake mommy gave me)



Tara said...

Those were great pictures of Sam opening the truck! Who was your photographer? :) It was fun celebrating with you. Thanks for all you did for the shower!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun watching Samuel on his first birthday. Glad I was there. You two do such a beautiful job with all 4 of your children. I am real proud of you all, and I love you all. Great Grandma Norton

Ryan and Amy said...

Wow, you update your glog a lot! I should see what you're up to more often. You're quilt is beautiful! I'm finally starting to sew things again, after about 5 years of not doing it. I can't believe Sam is a year old all ready! What's a 1 year b-day party with out getting all messy? We wanted to go to the Westwood ward party on the 4th but it didn't work out. Looks like fun though! It always was...

Rogers said...

Happy birthday to sam! I love 1 yr old birthdays and the cake all over the face! I wish I could have been there for the busy weekend it sounds like a blast! adorable family!