Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Week of Summer!

Well- it’s the last week of summer break at our house.  We have started the count down to the start of school on monday.  We are done with swim lessons and the kids (and the mommy) are starting to get a little  crazy and irritable waiting.  Since Hannah was “sooooooooooooo bored”  we broke out the painting stuff- you can see in the first picture how neat and orderly i had everything set up to begin……

DSCF2567 DSCF2568  







Thank fully our paint was:


And I ended up with all this artwork…..

DSCF2570 DSCF2571

(that’s not all of them!)


Brad’s birthday!!!!

Brad turned 5 on Tuesday! 


The birthday fairy came while he was sleeping, so when he woke up tuesday morning he had a reminder that it was his special day- blue and green baloons all over his room! 


He got a transformer to open up in the morning, then he went to peter piper pizza with Grandma Clement.  She also took him shopping and  bought him a sponge bob back pack and a cool  flying Dinoco blue  Lightning McQueen.  We also had to meet his new teacher that night.  When we got the letters last week Hannah was so excited to meet her teacher, and was excited to tell Brad that she had met his new teacher before- but Brad was not impressed.  “Well I haven’t met her and I’m not gonna!” were his exact words.  But after meeting her (and refusing to talk to her or look her in the eye)  he has relaxed about going to school a little bit.  After we left the school i asked him if he liked his teacher, he replied “yeah- she’s not in bad shape!”  This suprised me so much I asked what a bad shape would have been- “short!  and wide…. well not that wide…”   so whatever his reasoning- he is now a little tiny bit excited about school instead of insisting he will just stay home with mommy.  After that I took him to get a lunch box and to spend his birthday money.  He picked a “Mac” with a trailer that can haul one of his many Lightning McQueen cars, and will still have $13  left in his bank after paying tithing.  While getting  presents is always a fun thing for birthdays, it’s also neat that  the Thurston's provide my kids with the opportunity to pick out presents of their own, pay tithing, and work on putting money aside for savings each year. 

Hair cuts!

With school starting another thing on our to-do list was hair cuts.

Hannah just got her ends trimmed up- she is growing it out to be “as long as ariels”

Brad just got his trimmed around the ears and neck.

Bekah also just got hers trimmed up into her usual cute bob.

Boring same old stuff.  Except for sam.  He sat on my lap to get his adorable cute curls cut off since Daddy and one of his grampa’s were claiming he looked like a girl.  (seriously- it wasn’t that  long!)





no more curls!  


It’s not the buz cut chase probably wanted- but it still did the job, the curls are gone!   I’m sad….  he looks so much different, and it feels like his curls represented his days as my little baby- now he looks more like a little boy!

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