Thursday, July 2, 2009


grrrr...... I am trying blog about the grossest part of my day so far, and in the process I am having the most frustrating part of my day so far. My computer won't let me look at pictures that are on my camera (apparently I don't have permission to view those files...) and Blogger won't let me upload anything either....

So I woke up to children happily playing and Sam was ready to get out of his crib. as I lifted him up I noticed he was really wet- nut that unusual, he sleeps through the night and his diapers are leaking more that he is getting bigger. so I pick him up under the arms facing me, as I turn around the other kids get a look at his backside and run away screaming. Not a good sign. I investigate the other side of him to find...... POOP! from his pants up to his shoulder blades is poop. But this doesn't phase Sam- thankfully his hands didn't find the poop till I had him contained (still fully clothed) in the bathtub. so i stripped him and got him all cleaned up and happy (this was the only picture i planned on posting of this episode) and then remembered i needed to clean his bedding as well. I usually sleep in later than Chase- and this is one more reason to continue that tradition of making him get up early with the kids. I really wish I hadn't been nice to him this morning, then he would have had to deal with this instead of me. On a positive note this morning Sam thought it was hilarious to have the kids running away in fear from him, and when I went to get my QT drink of the day, they gave me a free small beef and cheddar sandwich and a coupon to come back and get another one free. And it was a yummy enough sandwich that I am looking forward to getting another free one. (but not so yummy that I will be paying money for any more after that) Ooohhh---- it finally worked for me- here is my happy, clean, toothless, one week from being 1, Sam-o.

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Reynolds Family said...

Sorry - what a start to your day! Isn't it crazy some of the things you have to deal with when you're a parent...things I swore before I would never touch with a 10-foot pole... ;)