Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I get a shot once every 3 months. Why? Because I am not ready for any more children in our house yet. And this seems to be the only birth control that seems to work for us- before i knew of this magical shot, I had 3 kids, in 3 years. after I learned of this shot #4 got here 2 years and 8 months after #3. Turns out this is much better for my sanity. So every 3 months i get my shot and I don't have to worry about getting prego for another 3 months. Yesterday was the day, I loaded up all my kids into the car and took them with me to my Dr's office. Brad was a little disappointed to realize that there are no stickers, no fish, no playground, no TVs, and no toys, but after the shock of going into such a boring Dr office, they were excellent for me. The Nurse called us back and sat me in a chair and got my arm all cleaned and ready for the poke. Hannah and Bekah looked really nervous for me, brad just looked intrigued, and Sam was facing the wrong way since he was stuck in his stroller and I didn't think he needed to see me go through this at such a young age. "just a little pressure now" she says as she jabs the needle into the muscle. yeah- she lies as i feel pain go all the way down my arm. and she doesn't pull the needle out as quickly as she normally does..... and then i feel her wiggle it side to side little bit. Then she says it's not working and pulls it out and examines the syringe. she apparently fixes it, then says "Now I am going to have to re-stick you, are you OK with that?" uh.... none of the drug went into my arm the first time, so of course I need her to redo it, am i OK with it? NO. but it's not like I have a choice- I haven't changed my mind about having children in the minute i was in the office with her! so i tell her "no problem, stick away" as much as i hate needles, it's much better than the alternative. And thankfully, that was the last stick. after she poked me i felt the horrible burning as the liquid was squeezed into the muscle. she stuck a band-aid on me and we all got out of there as quickly as i could. It was a really disappointing experience. At my old Dr;s office the nurse was brand new when i started the shots, and it hurt so bad every single time. But after i switched to Dr. Beck, the nurse was awesome- she was so good at the shots it hardly hurt at all and i never bruised and had hardly any soreness at all. after this time my arm aches horribly and I have a dark purple bruise in that spot. Now I am still going to go back and get my next shot in 3 months, but now I will be filled with anxiety at the idea of having a repeat experience of this last shot. Hopefully it was just a fluke and she will go back to being kind and gentle at giving me shots.

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