Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventures in Cooking

So.... I wasn't so good at budgeting my money from last payday.  I went to the store on Saturday and used up my last $40, (that includes the money that Brad sent me with to buy pop tarts) and had to get groceries for the week and diapers for Sam and pull-ups for Bekah for bed time,  lunch for the week for brad, Hannah, and Chase.    I did manage to get everything on my list, but I kinda forgot about dinners aside from buying a bunch of frozen vegetables.  So on Sunday night I made "white macaroni"  using cannery macaroni noodles and a white sauce from scratch, and everyone loved it!  Hannah had 2nds, Bekah had 3rds, and I caught Chase eating the left overs straight from the pan after the kids went to bed!  And for dinner tonight I made sloppy joes. Someone in our relief society got a bunch of free bread and a friend from the ward brought some over for me- a loaf of sour dough bread and gourmet hotdog buns.  So our free hot dog buns became our sloppy joe buns.  And i have only ever had sloppy joes from a mix before- I didn't have any so I just cooked some ground beef and  started pouring in what I had- some onion salt, garlic, Lawry's, ketchup and BBQ sauce.  I had my doubts... but the kids all cleaned their plates and Hannah had 2nds.  Now, I know that most other people would find these dishes less than appealing, but I am surprising myself at coming up with filling dinners for the kids and me when we look in our fridge and cupboards and it looks like we have nothing to eat! Now= before anyone worries about us not having money- there is money in savings I can tap if I have to, and obviously I can come up with something to eat even if it's not quite normal.    I am trying really hard not to touch what's in savings and not using any credit cards. 


Rogers said...

Way to go on the creative cooking! soon you will be able to publish your own cook book. keep it up!

Kelsi Rose said...

I totally approve. That is so cool that you can come up with something that is good to eat, your kids enjoy it, and you don't have to break budget. If only everyone were that good.

Tara said...

I had a mission companion that could make amazing meals out of nothing. Impressive. I certainly can't do it.