Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Well, Hannah went to a different dentist 1 other time, but this was the first visit for all of us to a Pediatric Dentist office.   San Tan Pediatrics with Dr. Steve and Dr. Dan to be exact.  I was really concerned for my well being.  I set up one appointment for all 3 of the big kids at one time, and hadn't even thought of finding a sitter for Sam till it was to late,  and Chase was working, so i was on my own with all 4 kids at the dentist.  But I was amazed!  It turned out so well, nobody threw any fits, and we were out in less than an hour.  To start off, the waiting room was pretty cool- it was separated into 3 areas, 2 with books meant to be quiet, and one with 3 different video games going and a couple of other noisy toys where i didn't have to worry at all about disturbing other people.  All the kids lined up for "pictures"- x-rays- with Hannah going first and the other 2 thought it was ok if Hannah did it.  Then they got to pick their own spots to have their teeth cleaned and checked- they had about 4 traditional dentist chairs, and 3 "surfboard" chairs that were more kid sized and just laid flat, all in one room (the dentist i have been to all my life has them separated)  and they had enough of the dental assistants scheduled that they all got cleaned at the same time,  (with silly sunglasses on)   and then  Dr. Dan came over and checked them all out for any cavities or problems,  then each child got a bag of goodies (tooth brush, tooth past, and floss) and a golden good patient token.   When we left they each got to use their token to get a prize out of the big gumball-like dispenser that had 8 different types of prizes.  When we left the kids were excited that i had a little card saying when they could come back again- but they were very disappointed that it wouldn't be till February- "a whole six months till we can get another prize?" So- if you haven't ever tried out a pediatric dentist for your kids I would highly recommend it. It was an awesome experience- (especially since i was expecting the worst)  or maybe this is a secret that everybody else already knew about?  Also- the dentist office said that they like seeing kids as young as one!  But when I made the appointment, Sam didn't even have any teeth yet.  And even as I was talking to the Dentist about when he would like to start seeing Sam, i told him i wasn't in a big rush since he still has only 1 tooth,  but apparently Sam does want to go to the dentist- just today I discovered a new tooth in Sam's mouth!  he is no longer the one-tooth wonder,  he actually has teeth for the dentist to check- so he gets to go see the dentist in February as well.  I would probably wait even longer, but insurance covers these type of visits 100%. 


Carrie Allen said...

H Liz! I'm glad you found me! Wow - I'm glad you dentist trip went so well. And everyone out in an hour?!? Our dentist takes about 4 hours to see all 5 of us(not counting Ben). We have to pack for the day when we go. But he's my uncle and he's free so you can't beat that. Ü

Edward said...

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