Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Growing up fast

Sam-o is growing up way to fast!  My little one-tooth wonder is now climbing on chairs!DSCF2751DSCF2747And from there he can climb onto tables and computer desks with such ease.....

DSCF2748 DSCF2752And yes, we have tried just pushing in the chairs, but he is so strong he can just move them to where he wants them, unless the chairs are on the carpet (that takes a little longer to move them!) SO when kids have their computer time they have to sit on a high stool- if they are on a chair their skinny behinds leave enough room for Sam to climb up with them.   He also has figured out how to open the doors in our house!  They are long handles instead of door knobs so it is easier for him to do it.  Nothing is safe in my house any more- especially Sam!   At least he is cute!  (he seems to think he is supposed to sit inside this train car- he is bigger than he realizes)DSCF2745

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