Friday, August 28, 2009

Nap time is to short

I had BIG plans today... I was so excited- today was the day i was going to sweep and mop our big kitchen, the 3 bathrooms, the entry way and our hallway.  I knew we were out of pine-sol, so I ran to the store before I took Chase to work.  I had it all planned- i had already cleaned the spaces yesterday so all i had to do was pick up any stray laundry and toys and sweep and mop to my hearts content during Sam's nap time.  To bad nap time is to short.  Or I am a really slow sweeper and mopper.  But either way, I only got done with the Kitchen before Sam woke up.   I guess I will try again next week.  After I got done cleaning the huge mop bucket out in our shower I went to get Sam up and change his diaper, And Bekah claimed her shopping cart and has since gone to several different stores with her baby and picked out lots and lots of toys to buy.   DSCF2770 DSCF2771

Sam was happy for the picture, but soon after he became very grumpy when Bekah refused to share her shopping cart. But i gave him lunch and he seems to think it's a fair trade (at least until the food is all gone).  And oh yeah- he is chomping away at his food with 3 teeth today instead of just 2.  I am really hoping he starts getting them in faster than this!   And he is also insisting on saying one word- only one- and it is Dada.  He loves his dad- he chants it on the way to get chase from work, he screams it when Chase walks into the house after dropping off kids at school.  He absolutely refuses to say mama, when he gets up from nap time he says dada- i will say no, I'm mama! and Sam will just shake his head no and continue to say dada while looking for his dada. 

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