Monday, August 24, 2009

New Boundaries

Well- i went to our special meeting yesterday at 8 am ( i left all the kids at home with chase) and although I am still in the same ward- it seemed like they pulled about half of our ward away to be in the new ward.  However- my wish of keeping my primary class together was almost granted!  We are only losing 2- one inactive and Tyler.  Tyler was the only kid in my class that was perfectly behaved, we will miss him a lot!  We will probably get to church on Sunday and find out that the other 2 classes for our age group are completely empty- so we still may lose some of our kids through re-organization of our primary now that we will have a more reasonable amount of kids overall. 

Me and Hannah and Brad have found 2 more ways to save money.  Hannah and Brad have agreed to get only school lunches instead of me getting everything at the store to make lunches-  we qualify for reduced cost lunches so it is only costs .40 per meal-  i was spending about $2 a meal when I sent them from home.   But for Hannah to agree to this (she is extremely picky)  I had to agree to not buying soda anymore.   We are all a little sad about this agreement- but I am pretty sure we are shaving off about $70 from our monthly grocery expenses, and all that money is going to be saved up for something more fun than just lunches and soda pop.  Brad thought of more toys for his birthday next year (he was easy to convince- he love getting PB&J everyday)  and Hannah thought of shoes and earrings.   So this next payday Hannah is getting new Sunday shoes- she was getting these anyways, her current shoes are from before the move almost 2 years ago- and she also gets to pick out a pair of earrings.  That way, when she starts complaining about the lunch situation I can say "fine- if you want to take your lunch then you have to give me back the earrings"  and I am pretty sure she will put the earrings above food.  I hope. 

And one last thing- we have been using that laundry soap for a week now and love it!  I have washed peed-on sheets and pj's,  puked on clothes and shoes, and all the rest of our laundry and everything comes out perfectly clean!  We love it and will be using it to save money for a long time.


Nick and Tanya said...

HAHAHA! I love that you have to stop buying soda! Was that Hannah's idea or yours? That is too funny if she came up with that.

Liz and Chase said...

It was a group effort- i listed everything that I could stop buying to save money, and Hannah jumped on the idea of no more soda for mommy. There weren't many options though- i already stopped buying new clothes, don't have a cell phone, don't pay for cable, canceled my netflix account, food items were mostly all that was left! ANd since hannah doesn't read the comments- I cheated today and got a 20 ounce bottle while getting taco sauce for dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh! I'm tellin!!!!!!

Carrie Allen said...

About your primary class - you mean my boys aren't perfectly behaved! Ü

Good job for saving money.