Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ward Re-alignment

At church on Sunday we were told that we would be having a special meeting at the stake center next Sunday at 8 am with the Orchard Ranch ward for re-alignment.  Apparently we are the 2 biggest wards in the stake and speculation is that we will be divided up to form a 3rd ward, but nobody knows for sure yet.    I was very thankful that they at least told us what the meeting was for- this way I was able to prepare my primary kids that they might have a new teacher next time they come to primary, and that some of the kids might be split up into different classes.  While I will not argue against splitting the ward (i believe we have about 30 kids in the ctr5 age group) it is still sad for me to possibly have my class split up and possibly not be in primary at all anymore!  It gets very difficult to teach when all of the kids show up for primary, and taking care of Sam at the same time,  I don't want anybody to be permanently moved!  I would prefer that they all just takes turns being sick or out of town each week. :)   I really like the opportunity to teach my own son each week.  We have the twins- Alex and Andy- they come from such a good family that they always know the answers,  Lillian is so sweet and good, Haley is a social butterfly and can't be quiet for very long at all but draws beautiful pictures at the end of class, Tacey is such a spitfire and questions every thing we say to make sure we get it right, Tyler is always good and calm amidst the chaos, Griffin is so "cool" he doesn't ever out right disobey in class, And then we have Zoie.  She has given us our biggest struggles, but also has given us our biggest sense of fulfillment in teaching this year.  She loves to explore and run and push everyone around her to their limits.  When she was in sunbeams she rarely made it all the way through sharing time before her teachers took her to her mom.  At the time I remember thinking that I would love to have her in my class for the next year to help her, but not completely sure I wanted to take on the challenge.  Turns out we got her- and it has been a challenge,  But I don't think we have ever had to take her to her mother,  she now sits quietly all through sharing and singing time, and she seems to be able to take in the gospel principles we teach about as well as everyone else in class. We frequently get compliments from other teachers and people in the ward that they can't believe how calm she is and her mother frequently gives me hugs and tells me how grateful she is for me and my husband and that we have completely changed how their Sundays go.   This last week she told me how she was scared that our families will be split into different wards and that Zoie will have different teachers that won't get her the way we do.  And while I will admit Sundays would be easier without her- (on our bathroom trip last week she escaped to the mothers room and the men's bathroom) I don't want to stop being her teacher!  I know that we are doing good for her family and her,  but it also does me good to know that we are actually accomplishing something with these rambunctious 4 and 5 year olds!   So i think they should re-draw the ward boundaries based on my primary class so we don't have to lose any of my kids.


Reynolds Family said...

It sounds like you guys are AMAZING primary teachers! I hope you get to keep all (or at least most) of your kids!

Carrie Allen said...

I don't even know where you live and have been wondering if we will be split into different wards too. I hope not!! What a great post to remember all your primary kids. Thanks for the nice comment about my boys. Ü

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post Liz. You always continue to amaze me. I love you and you make me proud!

Brad and Ali said...

What lucky kids to have such loving teachers!