Friday, September 4, 2009

I said his name was Trouble

And now he seems to have the need to live up to his name... Sam pulled a bowl of dry cereal off the counter, and proceeded to do a stomping dance thing all over them. 


And then he would lean over and eat a few off the floor.


Then back to stomping all over them.


He continued this routine (stomp, eat, stomp, eat)  till there was nothing big enough for him to pick up.  It was hilarious to watch, and I never was able to scold him for spilling the cereal. I guess we need to be more careful about where stuff is on the counter- it's hard getting used to him being tall enough to reach everything!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


When we only had one child I decided to go to massage therapy school.  it was supposed to be a 7 month program but Baby #2 came during that 7 months and pushed it to a year program for me.  It was a lovely experience- getting 2 massages a day while pregnant- but also lots of hard work,  a full day of school, plus homework, and being a pregnant mommy took its toll. But- i am very glad I did it.  Since then we have been dutifully paying off my student loans.  I always tried to pay extra on it when we could.   We got very close to being done with it but have only been paying the minimums for the last couple of months since we are planning for 2 road trips and Christmas in the next 4 months.  Well- i got the letter in the mail on Wednesday  from the company that manages the loan:

"Dear Elizabeth Thurston:

We are pleased to inform you that the remaining balance of your student loans listed in the table below has been forgiven as a way of thanking you for taking care of your loan obligation in a diligent manner." 

They had erased the last $838.80 that I owed.  I was all smiles for the rest of the day- it was only a $31 monthly payment  currently,  so it doesn't have a huge impact on our monthly budget- but the total does free up a lot of cash for savings and paying off other debt that we have.   029

It makes me happy- just like this old picture of Brad makes me happy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


   Hannah's little bit of bangsDSCF2766

Sam loves cars

DSCF2773DSCF2774   And cookies- he was to impatient and got the glass pan of cookies down all by himself- Hannah pulled him out of the kitchen before I got to him- but he was still trying to eat a cookie he picked up out of this mess- amazed that he wasn't hurt. DSCF2777

Monday after we got ready for bed we realized it was raining really good outside. It doesn't happen often enough for us so we postponed bed time and had to get ready for bed all over again when we were done playing.

DSCF2778 DSCF2779

And Bekah insisted i take a picture of her tower chair she built on the couch.  DSCF2780