Saturday, October 31, 2009


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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary! (to us)

We  have been married for 7 years now,  we are   now a family of 6,  we  have had 5 addresses,  we  have 4 beautiful children,  we have bought 3 cars,   we are 2 people completely in love,  and I have 1 awesome husband.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

During the summer of 2002 Chase completely stole my heart and made me love him.  When he first said he loved me, I said thank you.  I took me a little bit longer to fall.  But thankfully he persisted, and by the end of summer I knew there was nobody else for me.  I have a whole months worth of  sweet mushy love letters, 1 for every single day he was serving on the Hill Cumorah Pageant work crew and even after all these years they are good enough to make me get all teary eyed that someone could love me that much. He was an extremely sweet boyfriend, and somehow this is one of the many many things that did me in:fire

His fire-breathing abilities made me fall in love with him just a little quicker.  It also won points with my little brothers when they saw this picture.  It's nothing I want them or my children to ever attempt now, but I loved knowing that my boyfriend could do this.  Maybe it was just knowing that if all else failed he could join the circus to support me? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have such silly kids

As I was making dinner tonight Brad surprised me by saying "Oh man- I have a foot crap!" I replied "you mean a foot cramp."  "oh yeah- that's what it is all right- and when you have one in your back it is a back crap! And when you get craps you do this!" and proceeded to hop out of the kitchen on one foot...    i think it was probably something that was discussed at school- I certainly haven't discussed foot or back "craps" with my children! 

DSCF2806   Brad loves these cut pajama pants that Grandma Clement made, and he always has to wear them with the FuelMaker shirt that Grandpa Clement gave him.  Thank you so much for helping to clothe my children!  I could post about a million pictures of the girls in all the dresses Grandma C has made them. And even knowing that they have a closet full of special things made just for them they had a hard time with Brad getting something made just for him- that doesn't happen so much!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to school

I would love to be one of those moms that just treasures their time with the kids at home, that can hardly bare to leave them to go on vacation and that are sad when kids go to school.... But I am not.  I am so happy that the big kids went back to school this week.  I feel like there is so much less noise, and I might actually have a chance at getting the house clean. (not keeping it clean- just focused on getting there right now.)   It was a long 2 weeks out of school. Thankfully it started out nice with the trip to Disneyland,   and then I was able to take a time out for me last Saturday when my mom treated me to Time Out for Women. 


Hannah had a hard time understanding why I was going with grandma to "time out",   especially when Chase added that he could just put mommy in time out at home.  

I am not a morning person,  so I was a little apprehensive about needing to leave my house at 7 am to get there in time- but it was so worth it.  I spent my day in the presence of 1,800 LDS women Listening to 4 very different presenters- Emily Watts, Emily Freeman, Wendy Ulrich and Kris Belcher.  The 1st and last were extremely entertaining and very funny, and the middle 2 were more serious, but all 4 had very spiritual and uplifting messages to share. And interspersed among them all was Kenneth Cope performing inspirational songs.  It was a very nice day, and i felt I had put the reset button and was prepared better to shift back into mommy mode.  Plus I got a fun new bag to remind me of my fun day.  

And this is way off topic but very cute.... Sam seems to think that every toy we own should be a ride on toy. This is a little caterpillar with a pull cord on it, but Sam was having so much fun riding around on it he wouldn't hold still for a good picture:DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2822

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24 Hours.....

Of not paying for air conditioning!  I am so excited that it's finally cool enough to open the windows and let all the fresh air in.  I am always in a better mood this time of year- or maybe it's just that windows open I keep my voice down with the kids  since I know the neighbors can hear me more.     The kids have been happier too since I haven't let them go anywhere they have been able to hang out on the back porch and play on the  one small plastic slide we have out there. OK- so most of the time they either tip it on it's side and pretend it's something other than a slide, or they shove it up to the walls and spy into our neighbors yards despite how much I tell them not to do that.   And on the subject of not letting the kids go anywhere- I am pretty sure that we all just have colds- nothing serious like swine flu- and I really don't care that much if other kids at the park or the library get sick, but I really really don't want others to think of me as that mom that exposed everyone to swine flu.  So regardless of my reasons- my sick kids have not gone anywhere since they got home from grandma's house last week.  Well- except for Hannah= the one healthy child in all of this.  She went to wal-mart with me once to get a birthday present, and she went to her bestest friend ever's  7th birthday party, which was a fake slumber party.  They had all the girls come over in there pajamas and did slumber party-ish things  but crammed it all into just a couple of hours instead of an all night party.  I was really happy with it- I don't know if I am ready for my kids to be spending the night at anywhere but grandmas house.       My kids have been getting along with each other about as much as you can expect when they have been confined to our house for the last week,  but every once in awhile I catch them being so sweet to each other. DSCF2818

I had been sitting at the computer checking e-mails when I turned around to this!  Bekah was all cozy watching our usual PBS morning kids shows and somehow Sam decided to join her.  And Sam was sitting next to her= not ON her, and Bekah was actually not screaming that Sam was in her space and using her pillow .  It lasted all the way until I decided to take a picture, and you know if you take a picture of just one or 2 kids, then the others want a picture too- and they came jumping onto the couch as well:


And after that the moment was lost and Sam was moving on to get into who knows what.  

Monday, October 5, 2009

4 weeks since last post

Wow- I had told myself that if I was going to do this blog, I would update it lots and lots- not be one of  those moms that  get you hooked then leave you hanging without any current posts.  And yet it has been 4 weeks since last post.  Most of that was that we weren't doing anything exciting- we were getting into a pretty good routine with school and work schedules and everything was pretty dull around here with  not much to blog about.   Until the last weekend of September.  We spent 3 days and 2 nights in California while the kids stayed in Arizona!   And yup- we went to Disneyland.... without kids.  Amazingly the kids didn't mind at all that they didn't get to go-  the kids seemed to have the same excitement level for sleepovers at grandparents' houses  as I did for Disneyland.  Our kids spent the first night at the Thurston's and the second night (and half the 3rd night- we got home later than I had planned) at the Clements.  And we drove over to California with my very best friend Rae and her husband who drove down from Utah to drop off their kids at her parents house and met us for the drive over.     We had a super fun weekend that seemed to end way to soon.  All went well- we got nothing but good reports from both sets of grandparents when we got back,  and the only close to bad thing that happened to us was Rae and Scott's big huge wooden headboard fell off the wall the first night- (they swear they did nothing to cause it)  nobody was hurt and they got free breakfast for it.    We were able to do all the big kid rides over and over and over- Tower of terror was the most at 5 0r 6 times I think.  We had decided that we would do this trip every 3 years, and this was our 2nd time going- but if things work out for Rae  moving back to Arizona soon I think we may need to  bump it up to every 2 years.    When I woke up extremely sore and tired the day after we got home I was very thankful that it is Fall break for our kids-and i could just relax that first day- but that 1 day turned into several and I still wasn't feeling better, and soon it turned into a week and I was feeling even worse ,  with 4 out of the 6 of us (including me) having horrible colds and the kids running amok in our messy messy house and  they were wearing the same pajamas for 4 or 5 days.  Thankfully Saturday finally got here and Chase took charge and got the house cleaned up and i felt good enough to bathe the kids and make sure they work clean pajamas to bed.    Now we are into week two of  fall break and hopefully we can all get better and maybe do something fun before the kids go back to school.