Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24 Hours.....

Of not paying for air conditioning!  I am so excited that it's finally cool enough to open the windows and let all the fresh air in.  I am always in a better mood this time of year- or maybe it's just that windows open I keep my voice down with the kids  since I know the neighbors can hear me more.     The kids have been happier too since I haven't let them go anywhere they have been able to hang out on the back porch and play on the  one small plastic slide we have out there. OK- so most of the time they either tip it on it's side and pretend it's something other than a slide, or they shove it up to the walls and spy into our neighbors yards despite how much I tell them not to do that.   And on the subject of not letting the kids go anywhere- I am pretty sure that we all just have colds- nothing serious like swine flu- and I really don't care that much if other kids at the park or the library get sick, but I really really don't want others to think of me as that mom that exposed everyone to swine flu.  So regardless of my reasons- my sick kids have not gone anywhere since they got home from grandma's house last week.  Well- except for Hannah= the one healthy child in all of this.  She went to wal-mart with me once to get a birthday present, and she went to her bestest friend ever's  7th birthday party, which was a fake slumber party.  They had all the girls come over in there pajamas and did slumber party-ish things  but crammed it all into just a couple of hours instead of an all night party.  I was really happy with it- I don't know if I am ready for my kids to be spending the night at anywhere but grandmas house.       My kids have been getting along with each other about as much as you can expect when they have been confined to our house for the last week,  but every once in awhile I catch them being so sweet to each other. DSCF2818

I had been sitting at the computer checking e-mails when I turned around to this!  Bekah was all cozy watching our usual PBS morning kids shows and somehow Sam decided to join her.  And Sam was sitting next to her= not ON her, and Bekah was actually not screaming that Sam was in her space and using her pillow .  It lasted all the way until I decided to take a picture, and you know if you take a picture of just one or 2 kids, then the others want a picture too- and they came jumping onto the couch as well:


And after that the moment was lost and Sam was moving on to get into who knows what.  

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