Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to school

I would love to be one of those moms that just treasures their time with the kids at home, that can hardly bare to leave them to go on vacation and that are sad when kids go to school.... But I am not.  I am so happy that the big kids went back to school this week.  I feel like there is so much less noise, and I might actually have a chance at getting the house clean. (not keeping it clean- just focused on getting there right now.)   It was a long 2 weeks out of school. Thankfully it started out nice with the trip to Disneyland,   and then I was able to take a time out for me last Saturday when my mom treated me to Time Out for Women. 


Hannah had a hard time understanding why I was going with grandma to "time out",   especially when Chase added that he could just put mommy in time out at home.  

I am not a morning person,  so I was a little apprehensive about needing to leave my house at 7 am to get there in time- but it was so worth it.  I spent my day in the presence of 1,800 LDS women Listening to 4 very different presenters- Emily Watts, Emily Freeman, Wendy Ulrich and Kris Belcher.  The 1st and last were extremely entertaining and very funny, and the middle 2 were more serious, but all 4 had very spiritual and uplifting messages to share. And interspersed among them all was Kenneth Cope performing inspirational songs.  It was a very nice day, and i felt I had put the reset button and was prepared better to shift back into mommy mode.  Plus I got a fun new bag to remind me of my fun day.  

And this is way off topic but very cute.... Sam seems to think that every toy we own should be a ride on toy. This is a little caterpillar with a pull cord on it, but Sam was having so much fun riding around on it he wouldn't hold still for a good picture:DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2822

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