Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

During the summer of 2002 Chase completely stole my heart and made me love him.  When he first said he loved me, I said thank you.  I took me a little bit longer to fall.  But thankfully he persisted, and by the end of summer I knew there was nobody else for me.  I have a whole months worth of  sweet mushy love letters, 1 for every single day he was serving on the Hill Cumorah Pageant work crew and even after all these years they are good enough to make me get all teary eyed that someone could love me that much. He was an extremely sweet boyfriend, and somehow this is one of the many many things that did me in:fire

His fire-breathing abilities made me fall in love with him just a little quicker.  It also won points with my little brothers when they saw this picture.  It's nothing I want them or my children to ever attempt now, but I loved knowing that my boyfriend could do this.  Maybe it was just knowing that if all else failed he could join the circus to support me? 

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Chad Thurston said...

I always thought it came out the other end.