Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have such silly kids

As I was making dinner tonight Brad surprised me by saying "Oh man- I have a foot crap!" I replied "you mean a foot cramp."  "oh yeah- that's what it is all right- and when you have one in your back it is a back crap! And when you get craps you do this!" and proceeded to hop out of the kitchen on one foot...    i think it was probably something that was discussed at school- I certainly haven't discussed foot or back "craps" with my children! 

DSCF2806   Brad loves these cut pajama pants that Grandma Clement made, and he always has to wear them with the FuelMaker shirt that Grandpa Clement gave him.  Thank you so much for helping to clothe my children!  I could post about a million pictures of the girls in all the dresses Grandma C has made them. And even knowing that they have a closet full of special things made just for them they had a hard time with Brad getting something made just for him- that doesn't happen so much!

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