Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend was supposed to be pretty boring. I was just doing some yard work, chase was playing computer games and kids were supposed to be cleaning the playroom. So after i finished in the yard I ran to taco bell for some lunch. On the way back I got in a car crash! now my weekend was not so boring any more. I prefered the boring weekend much more. I couldn't slow down fast enough when the car in front of me braked, so i hit them. And then the car behind me (who was going a bit faster than the restof us and left pretty long skid marks) crunched into the back of my car. The older couple that i hit was super nice, but the lady behind me was really grouchy and couldn't speak fluent english and couldn't write it at all. She couldn't even tell which car she hit- that's how much she was paying attention to the traffic. Everyone is fine, (the kids stayed at home for this trip). I got to sit at the side of the road for about 2 hours after it happened, enjoying the company of 2 sheriff cars from pinal county, 2 from maricopa county, a fire truck and an ambulance (again- nobody was even hurt). The car i hit just got damage a little bit, the front of my car is pretty banged up- I can't open the front doors very easily, and i think the radiator is cracked and there is green liquid leaking out. but we were both able to drive our cars home, although without knowing the extent of the damage I am not driving it anywhere else till it is fixed. The back of my car had a plastic piece jump off of the bumper and is scratched a bit- but i don't think it's any thing serious- the car that hit me was a smaller sedan and it got crunched up enough that they had it towed away. So that is our fun for the weekend- now we just need to figure out with the insurance company what is the next step of getting it fixed. I got a bit sunburned, and i am now a little sore through my neck and shoulders. But I am very gratefull that it wasn't anything more serious. Some people were asking me how bad it is- these are the pictures, but we won't really know how much damage there is till we take it in to be fixed.

Brad says we just have a monster truck car now.

Friday, March 27, 2009

This stinks...

I look out across our backyard, and I am starting to see a lot of green- it's still mostly brown, but the brown has a green hue to it and I am so excited to be closer to letting the kids play in the backyard again. Today i spotted some weeds that were getting a tiny bit tall, so i walk out across the squishy yard to pull them before they get even bigger, and i realize that the green i was seeing in the distance was really just weeds. my beloved baby grass is mostly icky baby weeds. And i know exactly what kinda weeds- tumble weeds!! this last year we had a ton of weeds growing in our backyard. They turned into big bushes, with pretty yellow flowers. So for a long time i left them. they were green and yellow and prettier than the brown dirt. and then they died, and dried out and detached from the stems, and rolled around our yard in crazy patterns whenever the wind would blow. It was really quite fun to watch, but now they were just as brown as the dirt so I started attacking them. Breaking them up into pieces to fit them in our big garbage can, using the shovel to shove them down farther, and loading it up several times. But those sneaky tumbleweeds- as I was "cleaning my yard" and getting rid of them- they were cursing me, leaving behind their seeds all over the place- completely unnoticed by me. Now that we have laid our grass seed and we are watering 3 times a day just like the package said- we are growing more weeds than grass!

Busy week

Hurray! spring break is just about over, finally! Hannah gets to go back to school on Monday, and I am not sure which on of us is more happy about it. 2 weeks is a very long time for Hannah to miss out on school, seeing her friends and her teacher, and doing homework. She gets her homework packet on Monday and has to have it finished by Friday- usually she gets it done on Monday, and gets upset if we try to make her wait to finish it. One Monday the homework packet didn't make it into the kids folders for some reason. Hannah was so upset she cried for at least 30 minutes about not getting to do her homework. It is definitely time for her to go back.

We got 3 new dressers this week! Now i can't complain about putting the kids laundry away ever again. We had been using dressers from our childhood- one donated from chases family and one from mine- but they weren't in good shape at all- drawers getting stuck shut or open, drawers falling out onto kids toes, and not big enough drawers and not enough. so now- all four of our kids have their own dressers, and in each room they match in color and size.

The boys have 2 of the brown ones, and the girls have 2 white ones pushed together. It is much nicer putting away clothes now- but I still don't like doing it, but I can never complain about it again!

Oh- and I put all 3 of them together by myself- well with the help of all 4 of my children, but not any from Chase. I enjoy putting stuff like this together- just not x3 all in one day!

I also caved and got new contact lenses this week. I was going to wait till i had student loans paid off this summer so i could use cash for whatever insurance didn't cover, but Sam has decided that yanking glasses off of my face is hilarious. So i used my credit card and got them. When I came home, Brad informed me that I looked weird without my glasses. Sam would let my hold him, but he wouldn't look directly at me, he would turn his head and peek at me out of the corner of his eye for several hours after i got home. Hannah then decided that I was just too pretty for him to look at now. Then as i was helping brad fix his bed for the night(he frequently takes the sheet of his mattress and the mattress off his bed to play), a whole 5 hours after i got my contacts, he says "mommy, do you remember when you had glasses?". I love being a mommy- most of the time.

Oh- and i was tagged= i am supposed to put up the 4th picture in the 4th file of pictures on my computer. It's pretty small like this- i need to crop it. It's the whole Thurston clan (and Scott's TV) before Tara got married, and before Sam and Kariah were born.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sam Loves his Mommy

I went grocery shopping last night (for all the healthy stuff that got left off of Chase's list on Saturday). I didn't take very long, but apparently long enough for Sam to get Mommy withdrawals, and he tried to attach himself to my leg. This is not very conducive to putting groceries away! Especially knowing that he can't stand by himself yet and any quick move i make could cause him to bang his head on those hard tiles.

It was kinda frustrating- but at least he is adorable while being a pain.

But I finally found a way to put all the food away without risking Sam's head. I opened the fridge. Apparently the only thing better than mommy is the fridge. Once i opened the door he ditched my leg and made a beeline for the coldness and easily accessible mayo and ketchup. It's his favorite place to hang out- at least he hasn't figured out how to reach anything to cause a lot of messes yet.

"What mom? I'm just looking for a snack!"
I wasted electricity for a little bit and left the fridge open for him while I finished putting all the pantry stuff away too. It was just easier this way.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yummy Treats!

I had a sweet tooth today, but couldn't quite decide what it was I wanted, so Chase was very nice and went on a grocery run for me. His list included: baking cocoa (in case i wanted no bake cookies), milk, chocolate chips, a 7 ounce Hershey's chocolate bar (Neiman Marcus cookies?), brownie mix, bread and some microwave dinners for his lunches at work next week. Oh- and vanilla ice cream. So- in the end I made the Neiman Marcus cookies. It's a recipe in the cookbook that my mother-in-law made up for us when we first got married, and it's the first time I have baked these myself. I was expecting it to be a relatively small batch of cookies, since most others in the book are. But it was huge. I made cookies all afternoon and into the evening since there was so much cookie dough! But it was worth it= for our silly Saturday dinner we had home made ice cream sandwiches! (I know, it was a lapse in judgement and not one of my best choices as a mother- but the kids loved it and i don't do it all the time!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Love to see the temple...

Brittany Thurston is getting married this weekend in the Saint George temple and we were invited to the ceremony. I am sad that we won't be able to make it up there, I love weddings- and the kids would love the adventure of a road trip right in the middle of 2 weeks of spring break- but it's just not going to happen! So, i have included pictures of my adorable kids from the last time we visited the Saint George temple. It was for Tara's wedding in October 2007. I loved the red against the white temple walls.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a pretty blog now!

I finally figured out how everyone was getting such cute backgrounds on there blogs! And then Hannah picked out which one we would be using for the next month or so. It is very pink and girlish for our family being split 50/50 between boys and girls, and it is supposed to be a whole family blog. Maybe i will let Brad pick the next color scheme after Easter is over. We finally have our sprinkler system in our backyard up and running good. We even have a little bit of grass growing! We put down seed instead of sod so it wouldn't be as expensive- but most of this grass was somehow already growing there- it's just spreading more now that we are watering regularly. The rest of the yard is still 99% dirt and rocks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I have such cute girls

Bekah got her hair cut! He long tangled curls are now just a cute, very short bob. Since she won't leave any clips or hair ties in it- cutting it was the best option till she gets a little older. She alternates on whether or not she likes it, depending on her mood. She did ask to get it cut short like Brad and sams, good thing she didn't have the final say!
Hannah gave her very first talk in primary this week. She showed our family picture and talked about family responsibilities. When it was her turn she did it all by herself, refusing to let anyone help her read the talk we had written together before church. She did a great job- it just would have been helpful if our microphone worked so we could hear her better over all the kids. (I am not sure how many kids are in junior primary, but i know total there are more than 230- with the majority of them being younger- 33 just in the ctr-5 age group that we help teach).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We got a raise! (kinda)

After living out the first 5 years of our marriage in tiny apartments, it was so exciting to get buy our first house. Everything was perfect. Except for Chase's commute. It's 40 miles, one way. So we were adding 80 miles of wear onto our car everyday- and the days when i needed the car, it was at least 160 miles per day. We were putting gas in our car every 4 days, and for awhile when gas was so expensive it was killing our budget. But now that has all changed. The SRP Pinal office finally opened this month and chase now works 4 miles from our house. It's so close that I get to drive him to work every morning, and I pick him up in the afternoons. I filled up my gas tank on the 5th. I drove to Chases work 13 times, and Did the afternoon carpool for school, went to the store, and drove to church, and then i went to put gas in my car on Friday the 13th (it's pay day, so we have to put gas in the car, right?) but i still have a half tank of gas! At this rate, we will only have to fill up 2 times a month, right? 7 fill ups down to 2... I know everyone is freaking out about the economy, but it feels like we just got a raise!

Friday, March 13, 2009

More Pictures

My kids are always excited to see themselves on the computer, especially Hannah since she realizes that others can look at the pictures and see how cute they all are. So- at their request I am adding some more today.
Hannah got out of school early today, getting an early start for spring break. Even though she is smiling- she is not happy at all about 2 weeks without school or seeing her friends.

Brad's scar is still there on his head- but it has faded a lot in the 2 years since it was this:

Bekah loves Rocket. Santa brought it to Brad for christmas this year- but it was by far the best present given this year, everybody want their turn with it. Even cousin Londyn claims it as hers whenever she is over to play.

Sam just finished his lunch and is feeling extremely satisfied! He had peas for the first time and loved them- finishing off the whole 4 ounce jar. And then for dessert he at another whole jar of bananas. At 8 months their is less than a 9 pound difference between him and Bekah. No wonder when he eats about the same amount for breakfast and diner too.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who ate my cheeseburger!

OK- I will never be eating at this Burger King again! Me and the kids had the car for the day, so we ran to burger king for cheap cheese burgers and went to the park to eat and play. I was busy giving the kids theirs- opening them up and adding a squirt of ketchup, then i got to the last one- mine. I open it up and i swear it looks like there is a bite taken out of the meat! Really- it could have just been a weird shaped patty, but to me it looks like someone was taste-testing in the kitchen. I couldn't bring my self to eat it. So i let my kids eat their's (i was tempted to take them away and trash them- but i hadn't seen anything wrong with theirs, and who has ever tried to take away food from a hungry kid?). I didn't return it- it wasn't worth it for my $1 meal, but i did save it- and i showed it to chase who agreed he wouldn't have eaten it. But then i couldn't throw it out. it sat on my counter for several days- open just like in the picture, like i should do something with it. Report it to the higher ups of burger king. Maybe they would give me free food- but do i want free food from the place that gave me this? Well after several days of looking at it- i realized that there was now some funky white stuff on it and it was hard as a rock, so i took a picture of it and finally tossed it in the garbage. Now you get to share in my worst fast food experience ever, and now that i have told someone maybe i can get over it. On a much happier note- it is such a neat phase when babies start waking up happy and greet me like this after nap time! Even though Sam now has at least 1 bruise on his head at all times, there are some benefits to him pulling up and standing with help now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We have a blog now!

Chase finally found the cord for our camera- and since everybody else is doing it- I started our blog! (Yes- i caved to the peer pressure.)

Hannah had fun with spirit week at school awhile back. I am pretty sure that wacky hair day was her favorite! we used straws to help hold her hair up.

Sam has been so busy scooting around and getting into everything. He has started pulling up to stuff and the other day i heard him sreaming in the hallway. I ran to him cause i thought he had once again fallen and bumped his head on the floor, instead I found this:

He figured out how to get into the basket of dirty clothes- but not how to get out!