Thursday, May 28, 2009

First day of summer break

We have one kitchen cupboard that has nothing in it- it used to be pet stuff, but since we don't have any pets now, we use it for Sam storage.... He has taken to raiding the cabinets anytime he is in the kitchen and this is the only one that he can get into. He loves it until he gets stuck under the shelf.

To celebrate the first morning with no school we got donuts for breakfast- me and Hannah made the run first thing after I woke up.

On our donut run we also got this fun orange pool, (walmart is great- pools and donuts in one stop!) Sam didn't seem to get what the big deal was and was climbing out as fast as he could.

Until we took it outside and added water. He was thrilled with the idea of bathing outside.
He got upset when all the kids deserted him to get swim suits on and wasn't very happy with me when I pulled him out to take off his shirt and change him into a swim diaper (the regular diapers are so absorbent that he could hardly move in it)

it was a wonderful first day of summer- I hadn't realized just how long it would entertain the big kids for. I spent hours in peace and quiet while Sam napped and the kids played outside.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It was Hannah's big day today- the kindergarten promotion ceremonies! All of the kids were very cute and did a wonderful job singing songs for the parents and reciting a poem in unison, i couldn't understand a word of it- but it was nice and loud! Not to put any of the kids down in any way, just my expectations for 60 5 & 6 year olds crammed onto a stage at the same time wasn't that high. Good thing the program was short.
I have never been to a kindergarten promotion before- i didn't have one and chase didn't either- so i was really surprised that they had a nice display folder for each child with a certificate of completion and a picture. (i blacked out the name of the school- it doesn't actually look like that) Hannah's hair was really messy that picture day though- i knew we weren't ordering the pictures so we didn't try very hard that morning, if I had known we were getting these I would have put more effort into it!
And the is Hannah's favorite school teacher ever, LOL, Mrs. Bocchino. (she has never had any other school teachers.) Hannah is always making notes and pictures to take to her. After the program the principle announced that although school was still in session technically, the kindergartners were done and could go home and they don't have to come back tomorrow for the last day either, and it was only a 1/2 day anyways. But Hannah loves her teacher and school so much she voted to stay at school anyways. I let her since there was still 5 other kids who's parents didn't take them out too. they will probably just play all day, the other two classes didn't have any one stay. Hannah wants to go to school tomorrow as well- and since i know at least one other kid will be there since his mom has to go into work in the morning i will take her in too. I just don't want her to be the only one there with the teacher- I think that would be kind of strange.

I tried to take a couple of pictures of the kids on stage, but they turned out really dark and grainy and Hannah was right behind a microphone, so i won't post those. Here comes the lazy summer days (yeah right! with 4 kids?) It's crazy that in just 7 short weeks I will be sending her back to school again along with Brad. I will have just 2 kids at home during the day- I haven't had that since Bekah was born 3 1/2 years ago!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swim suit time!

We kept our memorial day celebration low key this year- the only exciting thing we did was break out the swimming suits for the first time this year! I was excited to find that everybody has ones from last year that still fit, so we don't have to pay for new ones this year. After i mowed the grass we turned on the sprinklers and let the kids run. It is the first time that I have been able to let my kids do that and it felt really good to be able to provide them with good outdoor play space at our own house. Hannah only has a few days left of school this week, and we are so excited to start swim lessons next week!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saving Money

So, it's been a goal of ours to save money and pay off debt. (i think it is a goal for everyone) However, the car getting wrecked and having to pay a bunch to get it fixed and living for a whole month with no car managed to throw that off big time. We had no money in savings, and I was using my credit card way to much, and not sticking to a budget at all. But I am changing that starting today! Yesterday I cut up my credit cards. I came up with a budget that I think I can work with, and I put all of the extra towards debt and savings. Today I did my shopping for the whole week. I filled the car up with gas, bought everything we need for swimming this summer, and bought our groceries for the week, and I only went over $2. (I bought a bunch of non-food items so tax was higher than I expected.) I thought that was really good. The only thing I didn't get was any food that was specifically for chases lunches at work next week. But I think he will be ok with scraping together lunches from food we have in the house. And he should be happy that his wife didn't spend all the money!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are sick

All of us. Well- all of us except for Sam. So our house is a disaster. I thought I was doing good by at least doing the laundry, but I wasn't so good at putting it away. So this is what we end up with:

All of our clean clothes in this gigantic pile on the counter, and any time the kids try to get their clean clothes out half the pile falls down on them. I should probably make this my job for the day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pretty Purple

OK- this is my latest sewing project- a purple satin and minky blanket for Jaime's baby Lila. I am so happy to discover that these aren't to expensive to make- especially with a discount on the fabric- compared to what you would need to spend to but one in the store, plus it's a bit bigger than you can usually find, and I can pick whatever color I want. I realized as I was getting ready for the baby shower this morning I realized that I didn't have any gift bags or wrapping paper, so I just cut a strip of this left over green satin and tied a pretty bow around it. I thought it looked pretty good but i guess the wrapping isn't all that important anyways. I have another blanket finished and ready for a baby girl. I was thinking that if I had Jessica's address I could send it up to her...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue and Red blanket

OK- it's been 8 days since I started this project, and now it is done! Well, almost... The sewing is complete, I am making it a rag quilt with all the edges of the squares left unfinished and snipped so they fray really cute. (I don't know if I explained that very well for anyone that doesn't already know what I am talking about- sorry.) So i still need to go over it with my moms snipers and start the fray going and wash it a couple times. I am so thankful my mom showed me a way to cut out squares that is better than scissors. It's a rotary cutter. A super sharp blade made to cut out fabric that looks like a pizza cutter. Used with a special mat underneath the material it makes cutting out squares really easy and fast- i had it going through 7 layers of flannel at a time. this is my finished stack of squares:

These are the materials that I was working with, the prints had a vintage feel to them that I really liked.

And this is the finished quilt. It's a bit big to be called just a throw. It completely covers the top of our queen sized bed, (i would need to add a border for it to actually used there though). It is nice and big and comfy and so soft to use for TV watching on our couch. I did mange to get most of it into a pattern working out from the center, but towards the corners it gets mixed up cause i was running out of squares and I didn't want to spend any more money on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing up so fast

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Me and Chase were just getting to know our little Hannah. Our first born was so little and cute, it felt like she would be this tiny forever.

But now she is almost at the end of her year in kindergarten, she is smart, she is a wonderful big sister to the other kids, she is responsible, she is growing up! Earlier this month she requested to get her ears pierced. So on mothers day weekend we did. She was so brave and didn't cry at all, although I felt like crying knowing that my baby girl is growing up so fast. Now she is excited to get birthday money to go back to Claire's for more jewelry. Do most little girls request jewelry for their 6th birthday instead of toys?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

OK- well I am little bit late, but I hope all the Moms had an excellent day. I usually get so depressed around special holidays like this- including Valentines day and my birthday as well, Since Chase isn't good at the present thing. I really think he wants to be, he just makes it harder than it needs to be and is so intent on getting me "the perfect present" on a very limited budget that he ends up not getting me anything. I would be perfectly fine with Flowers or good smelling lotion, or anything else for that matter- as long as he went to the store and got it. So, as I felt the depression coming on in the days leading up to Mothers day I decided that I would make sure he couldn't mess up, and I picked out exactly what i wanted and told chase exactly what he had to do. I haven't liked some of the plants in our yard since we moved in. So i went to home depot and picked out some other plants, and a few others for spots that had a driper but the plants didn't make it through the winter. So here is what I ended up with- 3 Lantanas that make really pretty ground cover as they grow, and 3 hibiscus plants that will grow up into bigger bushes.
Some of them were kinda sad looking by the time we made it home- i had to slam on the brakes 2 times on the way home because of other stupid drivers, and all of the plants ended up tipped over in the back of the car. Chase's part was to plant them all for me! It wouldn't be that big of a deal for me to do it- except for the fact that he had to tear up all the bushes that I didn't like first. It was much more yard work than I would have been willing to do!

But now I have added 3 new plants like this:

One of my hibiscus is pink:

One is orange:
I haven't had any blooms on the last hibiscus yet, so I don't know which color that one has.

Thanks to the landscaping the builders did before closing, our house had a decent sized section of grass, 2 trees that are growing nice and big, and the thing that makes me so happy is the 16 flowering plants. We haven't been able to do very much decorating inside our house yet, but the beautiful landscaping makes me so happy. I am so thankful that Chase helped me with it for Mothers day. I am very grateful to him going to work for us everyday to be able to provide for us and to make the mortgage payment each month. I feel such peace and contentment from taking care of our front yard and seeing the new flowers bloom each day. (maybe it's cause the flowers stay where we put them, don't make messes and don't talk back to us?)
I should also mention the Hannah made a very pretty butterfly card for me at school, Brad made me a picture of a sinking-broken-in-half-pirate-ship in primary- cause he knows how much I love those, and Bekah made a cute flower picture in primary, and filled out a paper all about me- according to Bekah I am 4 years old, my favorite color is pink, her favorite meal I make is cookies, (which if you read old posts, i do occasionally feed them cookies for diner), my favorite thing to do is build cakes,(i only make cakes when I have to for birthdays, and they start as a mix in a box) and my eyes are "blue and white and brown in the middle". I love my kids so much. Also- Sam started taking steps for me this weekend! It won't be long till he is running all over the place!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's fixed!

I took the whole gang with me today to visit my mom at work, and it took much longer than it should have had to visit a fabric store. I got my sewing machine fixed- Joel did an awesome job with it and it was done in just a few minutes! Although he also let me know I was using the wrong type of needle and I had to buy a different kind. I am so thankful that I get to use my mom's discount- i didn't have to pay anything to have it fixed. I also spent way to much on fabric today- even with the 40% discount it was to much. The kids had a blast in the store though- they loved looking at all the fabric, which they all just called blankets. Brad found a whole section of car material he kept asking for, and Hannah found some really cute flower prints that she couldn't decide which was her favorite- but with the dozens there i can't blame her. But all i got was some red and blue flannels to do a throw for our couch. It seems like everyone wants to cuddle with a blanket on the couch when they watch TV, so i am going to make something that looks cuter and matches our couch better than our old purple leopard print comforter that we picked out when we first got married.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Fun

I was working on a super cute project for Jaime's baby (I will post pictures of it after I give it to her) and just as I was finishing up on Saturday night, my sewing machine broke. At first I just thought the needle had come lose, but no- there is the needle, plus 4 other pieces that just kinda fell apart. So no more projects till we get this fixed. Thankfully my mom is the floor manager at a fabric store that also does sewing machine repairs.
Other news- Sam found out he can yank out the bottom rack from our dishwasher and push it around the kitchen like a car (his favorite kind of toy). At least Hannah had put away the dishes before he discovered this new activity!
We also had my best friend Rae out to our house for the day on Sunday. It was a lot of fun- our husbands got to play computer games together, our kids all played together and used up a lot of energy- we only had one incident when they found the mud puddle in the back yard. Me and Rae just sat and visited, and I got to cuddle baby Megan the whole time. She is about 3 months and super cute. Then Chase made yummy shredded beef burritos for dinner and the Davidson's had to head back soon after that. My kids were sad, the last time they were over for a visit they spent the night with us. We watched Hannah's house show and then put some very very sleepy children to bed. And that was the end. Chase was an awesome husband this weekend- not only did he help to get the whole house cleaned up (he even cleaned the toilets) but he also made that super yummy dinner for everyone because I wanted my friend to come for a visit. I love him so much!

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Hobby

OK- so I have discovered that I can find almost all of my friends from High school by linking through random peoples blogs. It may seem a little creepy, suddenly finding old friends that i haven't talked to in 8 years and suddenly being able to see a whole bunch of info about them, like who they married, how many kids they have, and see their vacation pictures from last summer. But- I promise that I mean no harm- it is just so shocking to me for some reason that even though i have been married for 6 1/2 years and have 4 kids already with more to come eventually, the KIDS i went to high school are all getting married and having kids of their own. None of them are old enough for all of this yet!