Monday, February 15, 2010


Sorry- it's just a bunch of pictures, just for the sake of saying that I have posted the Christmas stuff finally.

Family2009  DSCF3123 DSCF3124 DSCF3125  DSCF3127 DSCF3128

I thought this was going to be a cute picture, but I wasn't fast enough.  You get either blurry and missing a face, or clear and missing a child...

DSCF3129 DSCF3130  DSCF3132 DSCF3133 DSCF3134 DSCF3135 DSCF3136    DSCF3140 DSCF3141   DSCF3144 DSCF3145 DSCF3148


Scott and Jaime said...

Those are really cute pics. I loved the one with Sam in the bath dressed and the one of Hannah on the tramp reading. Fun!

Carrie Allen said...

Did you get a trampoline?!?! I'm so jealous!! Tyler says NO TRAMPS at our house. It stinks.

I love the one of Rebekkah with the stockings.