Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

We had a good weekend.  Nothing super exciting, or romantic, we didn't even exchange gifts really.  The young women from our ward were delivering valentine cookies with a song for their camp fundraiser. So we ordered 1 cookies for each of our children. I thought the kids would love it... but as soon as they started singing You Are My Sunshine, Sam ran away, threw himself onto the floor in the living room and started screaming.  Bekah was a little less dramatic- she just quietly went and his in her bedroom.   Brad hid around the corner and just let his head peek out.  And Hannah was ok with it all.  I really felt bad for those girls,  some had very confused looks on their faces, but they never stopped singing.  My kids all recovered just fine when the girls left and we handed out cookies. 

For my Valentines treat Chase let me pick out whatever I wanted from Olive Garden which we got in take-out form.  Then we got our propane tank filled for Chase so he could grill some of the meat we had in our freezer for his special dinner.  We also got some big drinks from QT to take home with us.  I enjoyed driving around and doing all of this with Chase,  but did I mention the kids rode along as well?  They didn't seem to enjoy it very much at all. 

On Sunday Tanya was nice enough to cut my kids hair.  On her birthday.   and of course all of them look super cute.  The boys just got trims, but Bekah got bangs!  DSCF3155

I couldn't ever get her to do a normal happy smile- and Sam has decided he likes have his picture taken and will join in whenever possible.


Hannah didn't cut her hair because she was planning on donating it to Locks of Love and we needed 10 whole inches of hair, but she was only at 8 inches.  But then Tanya told me they charge for their wigs! We went home and did some research, and sure enough, they charge on a sliding scale based on financial need.  That did not sit well with us- Hannah was spending months growing her hair out to donate, but whoever got it still might have to pay for it?  So we found a different program.  They only needed 8 inches of hair, so Hannah was already there!  And for this program they provide all services and products at NO COST to the recipients.  That did it- Hannah was ready to get rid of her long hair.  We went back to Tanya's on Wednesday and got it done.  She was also excited to have her hair just like Londyn's. 


(runny nose Sam again)

DSCF3152 DSCF3153  

All short!  I am excited to not have all that hair to deal with anymore! 

I have one last thing to report on:

Last year when we put in the sprinklers and grass,  I got a bunch of climbing vines with either purple or yellow flowers to plant along the ugly grey block walls.  Chase was pretty sure they would climb good without trellises,  so we didn't bother with that.  But.... they didn't grow good.  In fact, I was pretty sure I had killed off all 8 of the plants I had bought.  But I was looking out my window last week and saw this:


At least one of my plants was alive! It didn't look really great, it still wasn't climbing up the wall the way I wanted,  But it did have pretty purple flowers on it!   So I wanted to rush out and buy a trellis to climb up... but we really didn't have the money to spend on that...   But then I remembered that we still had a bunch of Pipe left over from the sprinklers in our garage.  So, all I bought was some plastic zip ties, and I created this:


It's not perfect,  but it's a trellis! I made the legs long enough to stick it in the ground pretty good. And I used some of my extra zip ties to loosely attach the plants to the lower poles.    Chase was being a little negative about it all and reminded me that the pvc would slowly deteriorate from the sun.  But it is on the side of our house where it doesn't get  as much sun, so hopefully it will take a long time to show any damage.   I inspected my yard further and discovered 2 more of the plants that are growing again.  I am out of pipe now, so once we have a little bit of money I will make chase go to home depot and get me something better to make more trellises out of. 


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Cute haircuts and way to go on the trellis!!