Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do the Smarty-pants-dance


Our school awards assembly was today, and Hannah got the Student of the Month award for February and Scholar of Distinction for the 3rd quarter.  I feel bad, but our school has an awards assembly every single quarter, and I had not gone to any of them until today.  She has brought home this Scholar of distinction award lots, but I didn’t know what it was for.  When I was in school Principal’s honor roll was the highest award you could get.  But turns out this school is a little different- Scholar of distinction is the highest and is given to all students with straight A’s for the quarter!     I enjoyed going to the assembly and seeing all the kids get awards.  I saw kids from the ward- some of them were even past primary kids of mine- and I was able to put faces to names that my kids talk about at home.  But Bekah and Sam?  A little less than thrilled at the assembly.  Pretty boring stuff for 1 and 4 year olds.   I am sure it wasn’t that long, but trying to keep those 2 quiet and happy made it feel really, really long.   Brad didn’t get an award this quarter,  he had 1 really bad grade among his A’s and B’s.  We are working hard on that subject  so I can hopefully brag about him next time too.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let’s go fly a kite

On our last day of Spring Break we loaded the whole family up to go to Grandpa T’s house.  They had a couple of sprinkler heads that needed fixed, and Chase is there go-to guy when that happens.    I tried to stay home,  told him all I needed was a break from the kids after 2 weeks of spring break.  But I ended up going. After the sprinklers were fixed we left the kids with grandma and grandpa for lunch while we went on a “date” to home depot for our sprinkler needs, and swung through the drive through at carl’s Jr for our lunch.    Then we collected the kids and headed for home.  I really thought that was it for the day.  The kids would just hang out and make messes, Chase would play WOW for the rest of the day, and I would go grocery shopping.  But then Chase asked me- You wanna go fly a kite?  It was a beautifull day for it, so we began our search for a kite.  We didn’t own one, and our kids had never flown a kite- ever.  It took 2 different wal-marts to find one, and when we  finally got one, it only cost 99 cents.    We went to the big park in our neighborhood and the kids had a blast with it.  They all took turns, and even a little girl that we never met before took a turn with it.  (little blond girl- sorry we never learned your name)  The kids were also really good about taking turns since they had the playground to occupy them when it was someone else’s turn with the kite.






Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Pageant

We took our kids to the Easter pageant on Thursday.  (sorry no pictures, I left our sorry camera at home for the night.)  Something that I don’t think we have done since Hannah was a baby.  It was mine and chase’s first official date 8 years ago.  We were young, 17 and 18 years old.  We got ice cream and cheap spoons from a Walgreens on main street.  we cuddled in blankets as we watched the show, and stayed their on the temple grounds for as long as possible after the show.  When we got married a little more than 6 months later we decided that every year we would take our family back and relive that first date…  I still have the spoons in a special place from then, but that Walgreens?  Changed into a $ store,  and then it shut down completely.  Then we had baby Hannah, and then baby Brad, and then baby Bekah, and then baby Sam.  And each year was just harder and harder to get there.  So we finally went.  I picked the day that would be the least busy since i hate crowds, especially when I have all my kids with me.  We got there about 6:30, with our cheap McDonalds hamburgers for dinner and one big drink to share (in hopes of reduced bathroom trips).  The ice cream that we planned on becoming a tradition?  Not happening with kids- I didn’t even get them ketchup on the hamburgers to avoid possible mess.   Bekah took her hair-ties out 5 minutes after we got there- making her look like a wild jungle child.  We all layed on a blanket together- and Sam saw that as an opportunity to tackle everyone, multiple times.  Even though he is the baby he is also the bully and brought all the other kids to tears at least once each.  We made the trip to the bathroom 4 times.  The last time was 1/2 way through the performance and Chase didn’t take sam with him- and I was in trouble.  He screamed his head off that Daddy dare leave him behind with mommy.  Sorry to all those who missed a bit of the pageant wondering what I was doing to my child to make him scream like that.   Hannah enjoyed the show a lot, and  loved to go over her favorite parts for the next few days.  Brad had an emotional night- his bedtime is 7 on school nights, and the show didn’t start till 8, he wanted to go home before it even started.  I think Bekah’s crazy hair went to her head and she acted like a wild child the whole night. By the end Chase threw her over his shoulder and got to the car as fast as he could.  Then I realized by the time he got there, her pants were slipping and she was mooning everyone.  Again- sorry to everyone around us.  Sam could care less about what was going on in the show, except for the angels.  He ooh’ed and awed whenever their turn came.  any other time of the night if he wasn’t hurting someone he was trying to see the cars behind us on main street.  OH, how he loves the cars and busses and motorcycles. Whenever a particular  car caught his eye he would declare loudly “Arrr!”  eventually I had to stand and hold him constantly so he wasn’t trying to climb up to my shoulders as I was sitting, or trying to run around the low wall, to see the cars on the street.    In the end- I really didn’t get to sit and cuddle with my husband like we did 8 years ago. Kids were being pretty uncooperative the whole night.  And everyone was pretty tired by the time we were in our car trying to get out of traffic that surrounded the temple. but I really really enjoyed it.  I am glad that we went.  even when things weren’t going as I planned,  there is no denying the peace that I felt being on temple grounds with my whole family, celebrating the life of  Christ, and just knowing that were doing the right thing as parents at least for that one night.  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, it turns out that it was a good thing we spent some time playing outside on Monday. Tuesday morning we woke up to rain.  The news said there was only a 10% chance of rain.  That the storm would stick to southern Arizona. But no.  It rained pretty steady for about 3 hours.  The kids all ran out to play in it for a little bit. Sam was having a blast stomping in the “deep” part at the end of our driveway.

 DSCF3243 DSCF3244 DSCF3245 DSCF3246 DSCF3247

And then they all came in, freezing cold with runny noses and changed into different clothes.  Which was understandable- they hadn’t been up very long and were still wearing pjs and Bekah still had bed head.  

After it had stopped raining for a little while, they asked to go play in the backyard.  I thought it would be ok.  But they got on the trampoline.  And the trampoline was still soaking wet.  When they started jumping they claimed it started raining again, but i think maybe it was just the water shaking down from the net.  Either way, it lasted only a few minutes before they all came back in, freezing cold with runny noses and changed into different clothes.    And not wanting to risk accruing  even more laundry on a day when they could have stayed in pajamas all day long, I locked all the doors and kept them inside.  And that really wasn’t that much fun either.  We are on our second week of spring break, and we are all getting tired of each other.  So we made sugar cookies!  I did most of the work and just let them watch.  (it’s easier that way)   But I did let them pick the shapes- Brad picked the boy shape (leftover from Christmas) Hannah picked the butterfly, and Bekah picked a chicken… which wasn’t really a chicken, it was the profile of a bunny turned on it’s side,  so when I finally got her to see the right shape she picked a Christmas tree,  but I talked her into getting the flower .  Which then caused the kids to fight over what kind of flower it was.   I should have just let her have the chicken.   Then they picked colors- blue for the boys (duh!)  but since I only made one bowl of frosting we had to turn the blue into something else for the girls.  we tried for blue and red makes purple…. it worked kind of.  It wasn’t very pretty, but the girls got over it once we got to the eating part.   making the cookies took up time for us in the afternoon, but even more important, eating the yummy goodness of the cookies (even if they didn’t look so great)  made us all happy and feel better.  Till the sugar rush kicked in.  I was extremely happy to put them all to bed at 7 (school night bedtime even though it wasn’t technically a school night) and watch my 2 episodes of Lost. 


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Monday afternoon I got to thinking about every single thing I had to be stressed about.  And started getting depressed that it seemed that despite every effort we made, we still weren’t getting ahead.  In anything.   So I just said forget it all and we went out into the front yard to play.  I laid a blanket out on the lawn, and I remembered how grateful i am to have a yard of our own to take care of.DSCF3220DSCF3224   DSCF3223

The kids rode bikes,  up and down the street, well, at least as far as one extra house on either side of ours, and I remembered how grateful I am that only 3 households lived in that space, instead of 8-12. 


Sam drove his trucks up and down the driveway, and I remembered how grateful I am that  we have a safe driveway  instead of a parking lot to share with  10 other cars.



And we laid on our blanket and looked at the clouds, and I remembered how grateful i am that it was on grass instead of rocks. 


It was my reality check for the day.  Yes, life is hard.  Yes, it takes a lot of work.  Yes, it doesn’t always go as planned.   But despite all that, my life is pretty good.  I have a great husband, wonderful children that make me laugh every day, and a home filled with love.


after our photo shoot with Glen,  Hannah has become a pro at “posing” for pictures, and bekah?  yeah… not so much.  she stuck her leg up like that every single time…


Monday, March 22, 2010

Zoo (x2)

With the kids being out of school this past week for spring break, we went to the zoo.  Not just once, but twice.  The first time I took them with my parents, and my brothers Dylan, Dustin, and Austin.  It was very very crowded that day, and I was very grateful for the extra hands to keep track of all of my little ones.  The second day I convinced Chase to take the day off from work and we  met up with our friends Rae and Scott, and their little girls Bethany and Meagan.  That day it wasn’t quite so crowded and I didn’t have to worry as much about where each child was at all times.    The only problem we had was that little Bethany (just a month older than Bekah) got very frustrated whenever we would call out to Bekah.  She said “mommy, they keep calling me something that I don’t know!”   Bethany lives in Utah and our kids have only met a handful of times, and she just couldn’t get used to another little girls name being so similar to hers. While it was a bit much to do the zoo 2 times in one week, we only did about 1/3 the first day, 1/3 the second day, and skipped the annoying 1/3 all together. (the children's area with petting zoo…)

Petting the Sting Rays


Bekah was brave enough to try it…

26797_1238116074406_1274372181_30569963_3556662_n 26797_1238116194409_1274372181_30569965_4910757_n 26797_1238116234410_1274372181_30569966_2065417_n untitled

I would love to be able to paint a mural like this in the girls bathroom.

DSCF3168 DSCF3165 DSCF3166

Riding the Carousel

DSCF3197                               DSCF3186               DSCF3187    DSCF3186

I had a pass from a while ago that had just enough punches left for the big kids to ride, thankfully the little ones were content to sit with the moms and watch.


And if you are tired of pictures, you can stop looking now.

 DSCF3199 26797_1238115794399_1274372181_30569956_7021606_n 26797_1238115874401_1274372181_30569958_1792826_n 26797_1238115914402_1274372181_30569959_2830809_n 26797_1238115954403_1274372181_30569960_3220662_n 26797_1238116394414_1274372181_30569970_3174195_n 26797_1238116514417_1274372181_30569973_1994545_n 26797_1238116594419_1274372181_30569975_6742502_n DSCF3170 DSCF3177 DSCF3178 DSCF3179 DSCF3180 

(sorry Rae, the only pics I got of you didn’t turn out good, so I just left them out… I need a new camera!)