Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Pageant

We took our kids to the Easter pageant on Thursday.  (sorry no pictures, I left our sorry camera at home for the night.)  Something that I don’t think we have done since Hannah was a baby.  It was mine and chase’s first official date 8 years ago.  We were young, 17 and 18 years old.  We got ice cream and cheap spoons from a Walgreens on main street.  we cuddled in blankets as we watched the show, and stayed their on the temple grounds for as long as possible after the show.  When we got married a little more than 6 months later we decided that every year we would take our family back and relive that first date…  I still have the spoons in a special place from then, but that Walgreens?  Changed into a $ store,  and then it shut down completely.  Then we had baby Hannah, and then baby Brad, and then baby Bekah, and then baby Sam.  And each year was just harder and harder to get there.  So we finally went.  I picked the day that would be the least busy since i hate crowds, especially when I have all my kids with me.  We got there about 6:30, with our cheap McDonalds hamburgers for dinner and one big drink to share (in hopes of reduced bathroom trips).  The ice cream that we planned on becoming a tradition?  Not happening with kids- I didn’t even get them ketchup on the hamburgers to avoid possible mess.   Bekah took her hair-ties out 5 minutes after we got there- making her look like a wild jungle child.  We all layed on a blanket together- and Sam saw that as an opportunity to tackle everyone, multiple times.  Even though he is the baby he is also the bully and brought all the other kids to tears at least once each.  We made the trip to the bathroom 4 times.  The last time was 1/2 way through the performance and Chase didn’t take sam with him- and I was in trouble.  He screamed his head off that Daddy dare leave him behind with mommy.  Sorry to all those who missed a bit of the pageant wondering what I was doing to my child to make him scream like that.   Hannah enjoyed the show a lot, and  loved to go over her favorite parts for the next few days.  Brad had an emotional night- his bedtime is 7 on school nights, and the show didn’t start till 8, he wanted to go home before it even started.  I think Bekah’s crazy hair went to her head and she acted like a wild child the whole night. By the end Chase threw her over his shoulder and got to the car as fast as he could.  Then I realized by the time he got there, her pants were slipping and she was mooning everyone.  Again- sorry to everyone around us.  Sam could care less about what was going on in the show, except for the angels.  He ooh’ed and awed whenever their turn came.  any other time of the night if he wasn’t hurting someone he was trying to see the cars behind us on main street.  OH, how he loves the cars and busses and motorcycles. Whenever a particular  car caught his eye he would declare loudly “Arrr!”  eventually I had to stand and hold him constantly so he wasn’t trying to climb up to my shoulders as I was sitting, or trying to run around the low wall, to see the cars on the street.    In the end- I really didn’t get to sit and cuddle with my husband like we did 8 years ago. Kids were being pretty uncooperative the whole night.  And everyone was pretty tired by the time we were in our car trying to get out of traffic that surrounded the temple. but I really really enjoyed it.  I am glad that we went.  even when things weren’t going as I planned,  there is no denying the peace that I felt being on temple grounds with my whole family, celebrating the life of  Christ, and just knowing that were doing the right thing as parents at least for that one night.  

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