Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, it turns out that it was a good thing we spent some time playing outside on Monday. Tuesday morning we woke up to rain.  The news said there was only a 10% chance of rain.  That the storm would stick to southern Arizona. But no.  It rained pretty steady for about 3 hours.  The kids all ran out to play in it for a little bit. Sam was having a blast stomping in the “deep” part at the end of our driveway.

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And then they all came in, freezing cold with runny noses and changed into different clothes.  Which was understandable- they hadn’t been up very long and were still wearing pjs and Bekah still had bed head.  

After it had stopped raining for a little while, they asked to go play in the backyard.  I thought it would be ok.  But they got on the trampoline.  And the trampoline was still soaking wet.  When they started jumping they claimed it started raining again, but i think maybe it was just the water shaking down from the net.  Either way, it lasted only a few minutes before they all came back in, freezing cold with runny noses and changed into different clothes.    And not wanting to risk accruing  even more laundry on a day when they could have stayed in pajamas all day long, I locked all the doors and kept them inside.  And that really wasn’t that much fun either.  We are on our second week of spring break, and we are all getting tired of each other.  So we made sugar cookies!  I did most of the work and just let them watch.  (it’s easier that way)   But I did let them pick the shapes- Brad picked the boy shape (leftover from Christmas) Hannah picked the butterfly, and Bekah picked a chicken… which wasn’t really a chicken, it was the profile of a bunny turned on it’s side,  so when I finally got her to see the right shape she picked a Christmas tree,  but I talked her into getting the flower .  Which then caused the kids to fight over what kind of flower it was.   I should have just let her have the chicken.   Then they picked colors- blue for the boys (duh!)  but since I only made one bowl of frosting we had to turn the blue into something else for the girls.  we tried for blue and red makes purple…. it worked kind of.  It wasn’t very pretty, but the girls got over it once we got to the eating part.   making the cookies took up time for us in the afternoon, but even more important, eating the yummy goodness of the cookies (even if they didn’t look so great)  made us all happy and feel better.  Till the sugar rush kicked in.  I was extremely happy to put them all to bed at 7 (school night bedtime even though it wasn’t technically a school night) and watch my 2 episodes of Lost. 


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