Monday, March 22, 2010

Zoo (x2)

With the kids being out of school this past week for spring break, we went to the zoo.  Not just once, but twice.  The first time I took them with my parents, and my brothers Dylan, Dustin, and Austin.  It was very very crowded that day, and I was very grateful for the extra hands to keep track of all of my little ones.  The second day I convinced Chase to take the day off from work and we  met up with our friends Rae and Scott, and their little girls Bethany and Meagan.  That day it wasn’t quite so crowded and I didn’t have to worry as much about where each child was at all times.    The only problem we had was that little Bethany (just a month older than Bekah) got very frustrated whenever we would call out to Bekah.  She said “mommy, they keep calling me something that I don’t know!”   Bethany lives in Utah and our kids have only met a handful of times, and she just couldn’t get used to another little girls name being so similar to hers. While it was a bit much to do the zoo 2 times in one week, we only did about 1/3 the first day, 1/3 the second day, and skipped the annoying 1/3 all together. (the children's area with petting zoo…)

Petting the Sting Rays


Bekah was brave enough to try it…

26797_1238116074406_1274372181_30569963_3556662_n 26797_1238116194409_1274372181_30569965_4910757_n 26797_1238116234410_1274372181_30569966_2065417_n untitled

I would love to be able to paint a mural like this in the girls bathroom.

DSCF3168 DSCF3165 DSCF3166

Riding the Carousel

DSCF3197                               DSCF3186               DSCF3187    DSCF3186

I had a pass from a while ago that had just enough punches left for the big kids to ride, thankfully the little ones were content to sit with the moms and watch.


And if you are tired of pictures, you can stop looking now.

 DSCF3199 26797_1238115794399_1274372181_30569956_7021606_n 26797_1238115874401_1274372181_30569958_1792826_n 26797_1238115914402_1274372181_30569959_2830809_n 26797_1238115954403_1274372181_30569960_3220662_n 26797_1238116394414_1274372181_30569970_3174195_n 26797_1238116514417_1274372181_30569973_1994545_n 26797_1238116594419_1274372181_30569975_6742502_n DSCF3170 DSCF3177 DSCF3178 DSCF3179 DSCF3180 

(sorry Rae, the only pics I got of you didn’t turn out good, so I just left them out… I need a new camera!)


Reynolds Family said...

We went to the zoo recently, too. I LOVE the zoo - so much fun!

Scott and Jaime said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Cute pics!

Ali said...

Great pictures, what fun!
I loved seeing Liz's family interact with the children.

Elena T said...

Trade for the mural!! You've got great quilting skills. I bet there's a muralist out there that would appreciate a bunch of Christmas gifts for their family....