Friday, April 9, 2010


Playing in the water and playing with the new camera.

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The Easter bunny got them all swimming suits this year instead of new play outfits. The girls didn’t start out completely matching- Bekah had a similar tinker bell one.  Bekah’s was too small though, so we took her  to pick a new one at Costco (yup- Easter bunny shops at Costco, and how did I know? Cause I am mommy- i know everything)  and she insisted on getting one just like Hannah, and that made Hannah happy too.

My Camera isn’t a super fancy one or anything,  but it is a decent Kodak point and shoot.  And compared to my last camera?  Ooooh- it sure does seem fancy.  We bought our first digital camera about 7 years ago, and it was starting to act it’s age,  and boy have they improved since then!!! and the best part about me new camera? the rechargeable battery!  Our old camera ate batteries up soooo fast.  Even the special, fancy, expensive batteries- sucked ‘em dry in just a couple of days.  Now my camera charges as I transfer the pictures to the computer. It also came with an adapter so we could plug it straight into the wall.  And Chase pointed out that it will be able to charge in the car using our iPod thingy- no need to buy anything extra!   Soooo now that I have my camera, and Chase has his IPod touch,  no more toys for mom and dad.  We have swim lessons to pay for this summer,  5 birthdays in June and July, and the boys really need a bunk bed in their room.  So if I talk about buying anything extra for me- yell at me!


Anonymous said...

i will just tell you to go ahead and buy 2 of them!

Ryan and Amy said...

Mom and Dad need their toys too, right? It would be nice if they cost a little less though...