Saturday, April 17, 2010

Primary Activity Day

We had a special service activity day, trying to teach the kids that service to your fellow man is service to the Lord.   It also taught them (and me) that done correctly shaving cream really can clean up chairs and tables.  Our primary kids had a blast cleaning up all the chairs in our ward building in what seemed a really short time frame. 

All ready to go


New way to clean-

 100_0047 100_0048 100_0049 

Daddy and Sam, not cleaning (hang on tight!)


He wanted these trucks so bad, but they were part of the lesson so he wasn’t supposed to touch them…


Hannah listening to the lesson and getting ready to do a craft. She wasn’t in my group, so this was the only picture I have of her.  


And for all their hard work?  Ice cream for dessert.



Scott and Jaime said...

That looks like a fun activity. I never knew you could clean with shaving cream.

Ryan and Amy said...

How awesome that shaving cream cleans!!! I've gotta figure that one out now. I love your family pic!