Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hannah’s Birthday

Hannah turned 7 this year. For the first time ever we did a friend party at our house with a total of 9 kids.  Hannah let Brad and Bekah join in on all the fun and she had 6 friends from church or school come over for an afternoon of water fun, and thankfully Sam slept through most of it.  She picked to have a littlest pet shop themed party. 


Blowing out the candles:


Playing in our itty-bitty pool:


Well, it didn’t look that itty-bitty till they crammed the play-slide and 9 kids into it.      I feel bad that you can’t see Hannah’s face in the last picture, but it is the only one that has all of the kids in it.   Brad didn’t seemed bothered at all by being the only boy at the party- he actually seemed to really enjoy it!  He will probably be trying to tag along with Hannah’s friends for a long time to come.   We had the itty bitty pool filled with water, the kids jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler nearby, played on the new 3-lane slip-n-slide and quickly popped about 500 water balloons.    Hannah got lots of cool presents, almost all of which were littlest pet shop stuff.  Thank you to all the parents that let their kids come play, and thank you to the Aunts and grandmas that helped Hannah feel very loved on her special day!  I can’t believe that in one year we will be planning a baptism instead of a friend party! 

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Carrie Allen said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!