Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I broke it

After qt drinks and free sandwhiches, pizza, and birthday cake today, none of the kids were feeling great and nobody felt like eating a real dinner tonight. So we broke out our bag of yummy green apples. We have 2 apple slicers. 1 is a corer, peeler, slicer with a crank handle that Hannah, Bekah and Sam love.  The other is just a circle with handles with blades across the center that slice and core the apple as you push down on it using your own strength.  It cut Brad’s apple just fine.  But mine?  not so much. 100_0306

My Granny smith apple didn’t like being cut.  And for some reason I just love how it looks.  Like some kind of animal or creature or alien… or maybe it’s been extremely hot and my brain is fried from summer vacation.       

   100_0299   100_0302   100_0305

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