Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to school

We made it through this summer.  Mostly it was fun(I will do a quick recap of that), but we had some trials as well(most of which is to private to even blog about).   Now that my kids have started their 4th week of school, it's about time I posted the official first day of school picture!

100_0314Hannah is in 2nd grade, Brad is in 1st grade,  Bekah looks like she could be going to clown school but is really in preschool one day a week with aunt Tara, and Sam is just enjoying lots more mommy time. 

(Mom- this is her favorite dress- it looks darling when I pick just the right shirt to go with it for church. It’s only when she picks out her own outfits that it makes me think of a little clown) 

Hannah is doing awesome as usual, and the school sent home paperwork to test her for the gifted program at school. She takes after her mom a lot.

Brad is doing much better than last year and we owe a lot of that to the awesome teacher he has now. He takes after his dad a lot. 


Brad celebrated his 6th birthday in July.  He had fun shopping with money from his grandparents, and picked out some new toy story toys.   Instead of having a birthday party for him we got new bunk beds for the boys room.  It was about time, he had been sleeping on a crib sized mattress on the floor.  He used to have a little bed to use with the mattress, but after he repeatedly took it apart and broke the slats out of the bottom it got taken away.  He had lots of warnings.  The boys now love their beds, Brad picked out new toy story sheets for his, and Sam picked Cars.

Chase turned 26 in June, and i turned 27 in July. The kids thought it was neat that we were “twins” in that way for a whole month.  Of course, anytime anything is the same it makes people twins according to them.  Neither of us did anything really exciting.  I did let myself splurge on 2 new church outfits.

We did a lot of swimming.  I got an awesome deal with swimming lessons through the city of mesa. After 4 weeks of lessons Hannah passed out of 2 classes, Brad passed out of 1, and Bekah is still due for more time in the little sea sprites class.  Hannah has decided that next year instead of more “just swimming”  she will be doing diving lessons.  And Sam is looking forward to when he is old enough for the lessons so he doesn’t have to sit out with mommy.

   Boy feet on a girl towel…100_0254

Sitting out with mom does have some perks…  100_0255

Brad ready to get in…


Chasing birds.

100_0259 100_0260

There weren’t enough spots for Sam to sit, and by the time I was ready with the Camera for Sam’s turn he was climbing down to follow the kids into the pool area. 100_0261

In addition to the pool we made weekly visits to the mesa library.  They had a cool summer reading program that had prizes for every six books we read.  The kids all finished the entire chart and were very excited for the grand prize- their very own book sent to them in the mail.  At first I was worried what free book would interest all 4 of my kids, but it was a pleasant surprise that we were directed to a website with dozens of choices all grouped into reading levels.  That meant that I could go a little board book for Sam about trucks, Hannah picked a decent sized chapter book, and brad and Bekah each picked out something from in between those 2.  Everyone was very happy with the book they got.

My mom spent most of July in and out of the hospital from her Gallbladder surgery and related complications.  So this weekend we finally went to see eclipse at the movie theater. My parents took me to dinner at KFC first, and since i actually got to pick something off of the menu instead of being stuck with a piece of chicken from the family bucket I found that I don’t hate everything at KFC!   We had free tickets for the movie, my mom took in a bottle of water and I spent $1 to get a drink in a souvenir cup.   I was so proud of how little money we spent at the movies! 

And I think that about covers our summer.  Nothing to exciting but we stayed busy.  We haven’t gone camping yet, but hopefully by the end of September we will have pictures from that adventure. 100_0271  100_0269  100_0268

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Scott and Jaime said...

sounds like you guys had a good summer! Cute pictures I love looking at them. I hope your mom is finally going to be better. I can't wait for our school season to start.